Family Dental Practices – Guide for Greenbelt Town and Greenbelt Citizens


Most busy parents know that scheduling an appointment for people in their family will take a lot of time and effort. Finding an excellent family dental clinic means that fewer individual clinic visits if you know what to look for.

Traditional care versus family care

Although a family dentistry has been around for so many years, they are unique because they provide different types of in-house treatments, where a lot of these practices are built around different specialties. According to AGD or the Academy of General Dentistry, most of the dentists in the United States, or North America in general – more or less 150,000 – exercises general dentistry.

This type of profession can treat the whole household and is considered a primary care dentist in the family. To make sure that they can practice general dentistry, they usually have training that specializes in areas like therapy for a root canal, cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics.

What makes these clinics very appealing to a lot of parents is how they can offer a lot more, when it comes to specialized procedures in their practice, providing a one-stop solution for your dental needs. Whether your needs an endodontist (someone who treats root and pulp), or pediatric dentist (someone who can treat children’s teeth problems) – you can find a family clinic who can provide anything that you need.

There is also a big chance that you can schedule appointments for your household members at the same time. But it is up to how the practitioner schedules their patients; it is a good idea to ask immediately when you are looking for a family dental clinic that suits your needs. It means that you will spend less time waiting for appointments on different days or wait for back-to-back meetings.

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Finding for the best state-of-the-art clinic or practitioner

When we talk about providing the best and the most efficient facilities and technology, there is little difference between a general and a family practitioner. It is really a matter of doing your due diligence in researching every possible detail. Make sure to ask about the equipment and procedure they use when you decide on how to get as your dentist.Greenbelt Citizens

Today, a lot of these practitioners will prefer to offer advanced technologies. Digital X-rays that use less radiation are considered as a lot safer compared to the conventional or traditional X-ray machine. These practitioners can also perform procedures like an intraoral camera exam, where they magnify the problem area on the monitor using a tiny camera.

It is some of the services that you can ask the practitioners across every specialty. All in all, advanced technology will allow all practitioners to perform less invasive procedures, making the clinic visit a lot more manageable for children and patients who have problems visiting the dentist.

When you are looking for a dental group, make sure to check your insurance provider and do your due diligence in researching the treatment plans that you want to avail ahead of time; the amount that will be covered can differ with the advancement in technology.

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How to find for a family dentist?

A lot of these practitioners advertise their services for every member of the household, but you need to find out whether they are a general or a family practitioner. Other clinics use the word “family” in their title, but they do not cater to every member of the household.

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A quick online search is a good start, but it is a lot better to work with a group like the ADA or the American Dental Association to help you look for the best practitioner that suits your needs. These groups can help you narrow down the search that you are doing by distance, services, insurance terms and office visit polities. Listed below are some steps you can take when you are looking for a dental clinic:

Consider your family’s needs – will one of your household members need a particular procedure? Look for a group that can cater to each of your family member’s needs.

Find out whether they have an online presence – Some of these groups will treat everyone in your household, but do not cater their services to kids. They will not require you to switch to a new group when your children get older, and the procedures will already be more familiar with their medical history.