Five Tips for Workplace Health


Source: Flickr

Pretty much everyone has to work, but the fact that you have to toil for 40 hours a week does not mean that you have to sacrifice your health. There are plenty of great ways to stay healthy at work even if you work at a desk, and some great ways to promote workplace health if you are a business owner. Here are just a few great tips for workplace wellness.

Stand-up Breaks

First of all, a new study that’s been released by the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that people sit too much during their work day. In fact, a sedentary lifestyle is leading to an increase in heart issues, strokes, and obesity. The cure? Stand for at least two hours during your work day. This might sound impossible at first, but if you get in the habit of standing for 15 minutes at a time instead of sitting at your desk, you will find it becomes routine to stand. Plus, changing position from sitting to standing will help break up your work day, and make the time pass faster!

Office Yoga

If standing is not always an option then it may be helpful to learn some useful office yoga poses. Office yoga helps you to stretch out your back and the rest of your body so that when you sit back down to work you feel re-energised. It can also help you release some tension that might be adding to your stress levels during the working day.

Health Kiosk

If you are a business owner, then you may want to help promote healthy living at work by installing a Health Kiosk. A health kiosk encourages your employees to monitor things such as their blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen levels, BMI, and more. If anything is awry, they can then see a doctor before it causes a major problem. In return, they will need fewer sick days and will thus be more efficient at work, making it a great investment for any business owner.

Choose Healthy Snacks for the Canteen

Business owners may also want to think about offering their employees healthier choices in the canteen. It is now easier than ever to stock snack machines with healthy snacks instead of fatty and salty choices. By providing employees easy access to healthy snack foods, instead of those loaded with sugar, you can easily help to change their choices.

Offer Free Water

Along the same lines, you can help employees to stay healthy by encouraging them to drink water. Almost every office has a place for free coffee, but instead of offering a shot of caffeine, why not offer employees access to free water. A water tank from a delivery service is all it takes to have fresh cool water always available for staff members, and the end result will be happier (and less buzzed) employees. Plus, instead of consuming extra caffeine and calories from sugar, they will stay hydrated – keeping them more alert at work then coffee or fizzy drinks ever could.