Why E-Cigarettes Are Revolutionising the Smoking Industry


The use of e-cigarettes, or ‘vaping’ as it is more commonly known, is beginning to catch on as a common practise across the world. A lot of people are making the switch from traditional cigarettes to the sleek electronic version. Why? As more and more benefits are becoming apparent, it’s hard to find a reason not to make the switch. Here are just a few of the very compelling arguments.

It’s Healthier

E-cigarettes have been shown to cut back on health risks by as much as 95%! Studies have shown that the chance of contracting a respiratory condition fall dramatically with e-cigarettes, and seems to only exist when the devices are operated outside of the prescribed safety zone. E-cigarettes also don’t contain any dangerous chemicals or toxins. They have revolutionised the smoking industry by creating a product that lets the consumer enjoy the smoking experience without inhaling dangerous substances. Additionally, they don’t pose any harm to third party individuals who may happen to be nearby when you choose to take a smoke break. Every study has shown that exposure to the vapour created by these devices has an insignificant effect on those in close proximity, regardless of age.

It’s Not Addictive

The first e-cigarette was designed by a Chinese pharmacist who was trying to stop smoking cigarettes. He created ‘e-juice’ with decreasing quantities of nicotine to help wean himself off his addiction – and it worked! People who try e-cigarettes have found that they are able to enjoy the experience more, since they are actually able to relax when they smoke instead of having to focus on satisfying a craving. Most vendors provide charts showing the strength of the e-liquids they provide, to help you understand what kind of juice you should use if you’re just beginning to embark on your vaping experience.

It’s Soothing

The pattern of inhaling and exhaling is very soothing and relaxing. Smoking makes people slow down long enough to inhale deeply and exhale slowly – a process that slows your heart rate and puts you in a more restful state. Think about breathing and meditation exercises. The action required to smoke an e-cigarette is very similar to this. In addition to this, e-cigarettes come in a wide variety of delicious flavours. You’re able to pick your favourite, whether it’s fruity, floral, or savoury.

It’s Cost Effective

Though the initial investment is sometimes a cause for consideration among many smokers, it is well worth the cost. Companies like Vaper Empire E-Cigarette provide sleek models at affordable prices, as well as a wide variety of e-juices. All e-cigarettes use a rechargeable lithium battery that is guaranteed to have a long lasting life. Once charged, it will give you several hours of soothing and relaxing vaping. You needn’t worry about the cost of e-juices adding up either. Purchasing e-liquid costs less than purchasing a pack of cigarettes, and in most cases, it lasts longer. Additionally, you will have a greater selection to choose from in a variety of fun and tasty flavours.

The benefits of switching to e-cigarettes are obvious. They’re healthier, more relaxing, and a great investment of your time and money.