French Wax Vs. Brazilian


You can either use the French or Brazilian waxing technique to remove any unwanted hair from the Bikini line or genital area. However, it’s paramount to understand some of the differences between these two methods before going ahead to choose the most appropriate one.

The Brazilian waxing method was initially introduced in New York in the year 1987.  We had seven sisters from Brazil who came up with this waxing style. This waxing technique gained a lot of popularity in the United States of America among the other parts of the world.

The Brazilian Bikini waxing eliminates any single unwanted hair from the genital region. The waxing expert has to remove any unwanted hair that grows at the back, in front, and in between during the Bikini waxing treatment. Most clients ask the aesthetician to remove all the hair that is found in the Bikini area even though some experts like to leave behind a ‘landing strip.’

The aesthetician begins by snipping the unwanted hair with the aid of a pair of scissors so that the wax can get to the hair follicles. After that, he uses an application tool that is designed from a piece of wood to apply the wax on the treatment region gradually. He can do some tweezing for purposes of tidying up especially if some stray hairs remain behind after the waxing. Performing a Brazilian waxing treatment can be a challenging task, and you need to get a highly qualified professional like to take you through the process. The patient should breathe in the usual way, try to hold his or her skin taut, and relax throughout the exercise.

The French Bikini waxing has a different result altogether. While a Brazilian waxing may leave behind a ‘landing strip’ or removes all the hair from the pubic area, the French wax leaves behind a tiny vertical strip of genital hair that has a width of close to 3 fingers. Other waxing experts may leave behind an inverted bikini hair triangular patch.  Contrary to the Bikini waxing that sees the expert remove all the hairs that grow on the buttocks, the French wax does not remove any hair that grows in this section. However, French waxing experts remove all the hair that grows in the inner labia during this treatment.

Both the French and Brazilian waxing treatment will require the patient to remove his or her panties. These waxing methods are only possible for patients who are willing to adhere to these instructions. The aesthetician may also request the artist to adopt certain positions that expose more areas of their private parts, especially during the Brazilian waxing. Don’t be ashamed when you are told to spread your legs wide open and so on. Most patients who are going for the Bikini waxing for the first time prefer to begin with the French Bikini treatment. French waxing allows clients to gain some level of experience before they move to the Brazilian waxing treatment. Having prior waxing knowledge will help you to adapt to more complex hair removal techniques.