Friendly & Compassionate Prolapse Specialist in Wildwood, Florida

Prolapse Specialist

Prolapse is quite a daunting condition that can significantly affect your general health and wellness. Nevertheless, you can protect the health of your urinary system and reproductive health with quality and effective care. At NUWA WORLD, located in Wildwood, FL, you can access patient-centered care for prolapse and select the most effective treatment solutions such as surgical procedures, healthy lifestyle changes, exercise, and medications. The practice offers medical and non-surgical management for various types of pelvic organ prolapse. To find out more about the practice, reach out to the Wildwood prolapse specialist, Dr Uzoma Nwaubani by calling the office or book an appointment online.

What is prolapse?

NUWA WORLD addresses multiple health conditions, including pelvic organ prolapse. This condition refers to the weakening or loosening of muscles and tissues supporting and surrounding the pelvic organs; rectum, bladder, or uterus. As a result, one or more of the pelvic organs are likely to fall, drop, press into or out of the rectum or vagina.

What are the various types of prolapse?

There are various types of prolapse, including:

  • Rectal Prolapse

With rectal prolapse, the rectum telescopes out via the anus, nearly turning it inside out because of the loss and weakening of normal attachments inside the body.

  • Vaginal Prolapse

Vaginal prolapse in women causes the vagina to expand or stretch, thus protruding on other structures and organs. Typically, it doesn’t only involve the vagina.

  • Bladder Prolapse

The bladder is supported in place by a curved band or hammock of pelvic floor tissues and muscles that offer the needed support. Once these tissues become weakened or stretched, the bladder may fall off its position.

  • Uterine Prolapse

Uterine prolapse occurs once the uterus descends into or toward the vagina. In some cases, the uterus will stretch beyond the vaginal opening.

  • Vaginal Laxity

Vaginal Laxity refers to the looseness or loss of elasticity in the vagina and its tissues. This condition is often associated with hormones, aging, childbirth, and menopause.

What does prolapse care rely on?

Your prolapse treatment varies depending on several factors, such as your overall health and type and extremity of your condition. Your select provider structures highly customized treatment plans and may recommend a wide range of treatment solutions for your prolapse. These include medications such as anti-inflammatories, physical rehabilitation and targeted exercise, and healthy lifestyle modifications, including stress management and nutrient-dense diet.

Other solutions recommended for patients at NUWA WORLD include behavioral changes like avoid straining or pushing when urinating and bowel movement. Also, drink enough fluids to stay hydrated, and other methods such as yoga and warm baths. Dr Nwaubani and her team also offer services such as MonaLisa Touch, vaginal laser treatments to alleviate vaginal laxity, and minimally-invasive procedures, if necessary, i.e., surgery to support the uterus or vagina.

Pelvic Floor Reconstruction

Pelvic Floor Reconstruction, also known as sacrocolpopexy or prolapse surgery, is a term used to describe several effective invasive procedures used to address pelvic organ prolapse. This procedure can restore the usual structure and functioning of the pelvic organs. During this treatment, your specialist uses mesh to hold your affected pelvic organ in its natural position.

To sum up, NUWA WORLD provides highly-effective procedures and treatments for prolapse and multiple other health conditions. Access the compassionate care you deserve by calling their office or going online to book an appointment today.