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Vascular Care

Quality healthcare is among the top priority factors for healthy and quality living. How do you ensure you stay healthy and lower your risk of getting infections and disease? Living healthy lifestyles, eating healthy nutritious foods, and regular health check-ups ensure you stay and maintain good health. Despite the condition or the part of the body being affected, it all affects your whole body’s wellness; hence, your overall health is essential for your body’s proper functioning. Good health enables you to perform your daily activities and achieve all your life’s intended goals. Hamilton Vascular is committed to providing efficient vascular and vein care to promote people’s health. The specialists in vascular & interventional radiology in Sugar Land offer compassionate care to cater to their patients’ needs.

Founded by Hamilton III, MD, Hamilton Vascular is the first outpatient interventional radiology practice in Southern Texas. It has five locations, including Webster, Sugar Land, Round Rock, Katy, and San Antonio, and excels in providing convenient care to all its patients. they take pride in providing their patients with effective diagnosis and treatments for vascular and vein conditions. The team at Hamilton Vascular consists of board-certified physicians and surgeons that value their patients’ concerns striving to fulfill them.

The experienced and highly-trained team uses advanced technology and treatments to provide comprehensive and compassionate care for various conditions, including diabetic vascular disease, edema, vein compression syndrome, and deep vein thrombosis. They use image-guided technology, including an ultrasound, to evaluate underlying complications other than the visible ones. They are friendly and welcoming, making their patients feel comfortable and as part of their extended family. Their services are patient-centered; their goal is to offer effective services to relieve pain and restore health. They also offer telemedicine for patients unable to reach their offices. They ensure patients get exceptional services beyond their expectations.

They offer services such as

Diabetic vascular disease

When having diabetes, you are at risk of having diabetic vascular disease. At Hamilton Vascular, they have the expertise needed to offer efficient treatments for diabetic vascular disease. Visit them today to learn more about their services.

Leg discoloration

Leg discoloration mostly occurs due to vein-related health problems. It can be distressing and uncomfortable, impacting your life negatively. Get professional help from the vascular vein care specialists and treat your condition permanently. Call or book online for an appointment.


Are you having varicose and spider veins and wish to eliminate them immediately? Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure that uses a simple injection to treat and remove unwanted veins quickly. Visit them for this fast and easy procedure.

Hamilton Vascular is a premium practice focused on providing extensive care for vascular and vein conditions, including edema, deep vein thrombosis, diabetic vascular disease, and chronic venous insufficiency. The team of board-certified and highly expertise specialists strives to offer customized treatments to cater to all their patients’ needs. They are caring and compassionate and excel at offering the best care available. Using image-guided ultrasound equipment, they offer evaluations and diagnosis for proper medications and treatments. They are welcoming to new and existing patients. Visit them today in any of your convenient locations for services with the best outcomes.