Frightening facts about teens and alcohol


It is quite frightening when we read about the high drug tests in bulk results that show that so many teens are under the influence of alcohol. There are so many frightening facts around teens and alcohol that parents need to know. It is the only way that we can start protecting our children. Here are some of these facts that you should know about teens and alcohol:

The average age when teens starting to drink alcohol

The one thing that scares most parents, is the fact that the average age when teen boys are starting to drink alcohol and even can start to become addicts, is at the age of 11. Girls can start drinking at the frightening age of 13.

At this age, they are supposed to be concentrating on school and still play outside. But, instead they are starting to drink alcohol and start becoming alcoholics.

The percentage of amount of drinkers

This is something that you might not know. In the U.S. studies have shown that more than 11% of alcohol drinkers are underage. This means under the age of 21.

This might not sound like a lot, but if you are thinking about it. These teens aren’t supposed to get their hands on alcohol. And, 11% of drinkers are now underage. How on earth can something like this happened?

Teens that start drinking has risk in becoming alcoholics

Teens are not considering it, but statistics have proven that children that are starting to drink alcohol early on in life, is those who are highly at risk in becoming alcoholics.

The younger they start drinking, the higher the risk that they won’t be able to get through a day without some alcohol. And, even takes the chance of taking alcohol to school. After school, they will not be able to function without alcohol and they will start becoming an alcoholic before they reach the age of 21. This statistics can be really frightening for any parent.

We don’t always think about teens that are starting to drink. We normally just think that they are experimenting with alcohol and that it will be a phrase that they come out of. But, when you are reading about the facts around teens and alcohol, you will realize that there are many teens that don’t get out of that phrase. They become alcoholics and will never be able to function without alcohol again, and they will ruin their lives.