Health Benefits Of Holistic Treatment


The number of people that have adopted holistic treatment and care has increased over the years.  This is no surprise when you look at the many health benefits that holistic treatment provides.  Holistic approaches to recovery can be highly effective because they address healing for the mind, body and spirit.  If you are considering holistic treatment here are a few health benefits to consider.

Side Effects

One downside to using prescription medication or other traditional pain treatment are the various (and sometimes downright scary) side effects that can occur.  With holistic therapies, they have fewer or even no side effects associated with them.  Holistic treatments like massage and acupuncture are considered safe, but always consult a doctor before using any alternative drug therapies.


When it comes to holistic treatment there are a wide variety of techniques and therapy.  Meditation, yoga, massage and pet therapy are just a few treatment options that can bring a body back into balance.  The benefit of holistic approaches, such as these, help address spiritual and psychological aspects of many health conditions.


Holistic medicine treatment can be substantially less expensive than conventional medical treatment.  Many herbal remedies and other natural treatments still cost less than prescription medications and treatments.  Massage therapy and acupuncture sessions are significantly less expensive than conventional pain therapy treatments.

Personal Attention

Since holistic treatment has an emphasis on whole body care, alternative medicine practitioners often offer patients a great deal of personal attention.  Traditional physicians can be strapped for time and feel the pressure of crammed schedules with filled waiting rooms, whereas alternative medicine practitioners because of different philosophies place greater emphasis on a one-on-one basis approach.

Focus On Prevention

With traditional physicians, the focus is almost always to only intervene once a problem or disease arises,  whereas holistic methods tend to focus on prevention.  Many types of alternative medicine encourage patients to have treatments that are focused on preventing disease before it occurs in addition to being cared for when sick.

Mental Health And Addiction

As the holistic approach focuses on healing the mind, body, and spirit, this type of treatment can be beneficial to a person’s well-being.  Treatment methods such as massage therapy and visual imagery have been shown to promote relaxation and reduce stress.  Diet and nutrition, animal assisted therapies and self-help groups have also been shown to promote mental health and even help in drug and alcohol addiction recovery.

There are many benefits to using alternative medicine therapies for pain control and other various reasons.  With more and more studies suggesting that holistic approaches to treating pain and illness actually do provide many health benefits, holistic approaches to certain types of treatment should be considered