Naturopathy for hormone imbalance


The signs and symptoms such as Tired, exhausted, moody, difficulty losing weight, changes in temperature sensitivity, brain fog, can’t concentrate and difficulty remembering thing are of hormone imbalance. Hormones are the abnormal acts caused for the person who suffers from constant stress. Courtney Holmberg Naturopathic Clinic provide a best and the holistic approach to give the accurate results.

Naturopathy is a natural treatment which helps to prevent and treat illness and ensures the body to maintain as normal body structure. The Toronto hormone testing consists of different non-invasive techniques, methods and therapies. The main goal of naturopathy for hormone imbalance is to support the body to heal itself naturally and its basic approach is to maintain the healthcare for almost all the ages in order to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Some experts of Toronto naturopath autoimmunity use the different method while others apply the alternative and medical methods. Professional naturopaths have their license to consider their legal practice and also that license should be accredited by the AANP or American Association of Naturopathic Physicians.

Signs & Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalances:

Accordint to Toronto hormone testing the type of disorder or illness can be found out by the symptoms enumerated by the hormonal imbalances of the body. For instance, the presence of excessive estrogen levels in the body can cause endometriosis, damage to the nerves, increased or decreased appetite, weight gain, etc. Some of the major symptoms are as follows:

Insomnia Weight gain or weight loss

Low libido

Changes in appetite

Infertilityand irregular periods

Depression and anxiety

Digestive issues

Hair lossand hair thinning


The patient’s mental and physical imbalance can be affected to the hormone imbalance and according to the naturopaths they can be cured and get back to stable by Toronto naturopath autoimmunity which gives the natural healing treatment. Also, treatment of underlying causes needs only to include gentle and non-invasive methods that do not further stress the individual.

Naturopathic doctors will examine based on the patient’s medical history, lifestyle, nutrition and other environment factors. Also the physical examination and laboratory tests are been considered to check different organs and systems in order to check their functionality.

If there is hormonal imbalance, then the naturopath will recommend many treatments such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, acupressure, homeopathic medicine, detoxification and nutritional counseling so that the body can restore the order of hormones. These treatments consider the healing and removing toxins in the body through fasting or drinking lots of water and hydrotherapy or water therapy which involves taking baths and water activities that boost the immune system.

Naturopathic treatment also preferred as the naturopaths believe that due to natural treatment process there will be a proper association between the mind and body. Also the treatment consists medicine involves different natural techniques like hot and cold compresses, touch therapy, electric currents and sound waves. So when you feel the symptoms like hormone imbalance then do not ignore such things and consult the best naturopathic clinic.