HGH-A Short Brief HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE: What is it?


The human body by its natural processes produces or internally releases a growth hormone in the pituitary gland; cell growth as well as the regeneration of the same occurs with the help of this naturally produced growth hormone which is more commonly abbreviated as HGH i.e. Human Growth Hormone. There are times when a lack or deficiency of this hormone occurs in the body thus, the HGH supplements are indicated for use in growth failure.

The lack of the presence of the growth hormone in a human body will automatically restrict the increase of bone density as well as muscle mass which are the two major objectives and priorities of weight lifters and bodybuilders. This is one the primary reasons that HGH Somatropin supplements are very popular among athletes in this field as the oral or injectable supplements are indicated for use in growth failure. However the main work of the growth hormone is to keep all human tissue in maintained health. The bloodstream holds the growth hormone post its release only for enough time so that the liver gets to process its conversion into growth factors. Boasting a hoard of anabolic properties one of the most vital growth factors that is converted is IGF-1 or Factor-1. It was shortly post the successful synthesis of the 1st HGH with the GH that was harvested from pituitary glands, did the performance enhancing steroid gain fame.

There are multiple benefits of the HGH that includes increased libido, rapid growth of solid muscle mass. Bodybuilders more than often take the help of the available forms of human growth supplements in order to increase and elevate this stealthy anabolic hormone from its natural levels.

Naturally produced HGH v/s human growth hormone supplements

For professional development as a bodybuilder it comes essential to first identify whether you have a deficiency in the body with regards to growth hormone. If you are unaware as to how to go about it, here is what you should do. Ask your doctor to have a GH test performed on you. This procedure of the test is as simple as any blood test. It involves fasting before the blood sample is collected which is almost similar to the procedure of an annual physical test.

The blood of an adult man who is in good health usually has less than 5 nanograms /milliliter. If a woman during the days of her pregnancy is considered in this matter, it can be concluded that her body can produced up to twice the amount. The reason of course is obvious, after all the body is releasing growth hormones for both the mother as well as the child. It is a scientifically proven fact that the levels of the growth hormone is at its peak in the puberty phase. This goes for both the cases of men and women. However, the levels are seen to have a sharp drop once humans step into the early 20’s. Thus, the presence of the growth hormone holds tremendous importance.