Silky skin, healthy skin with the Soprano Ice Laser


Each and every lady wants to have a smooth, gorgeous looking skin. Whether because we are preparing to go on a holiday, attending an event, going to the swimming pool or simply because we love wearing dresses. No matter the personal reason, a glowing skin which is silky and healthy at the same time is something to aim for.

When it comes to silky skin, we all resort to different techniques. We rather shave, wax or decide on having a laser hair removal treatment. But before deciding, how about hearing of something new? A long lasting, pain free and comfortable solution for smooth legs and vanished undesired body hair. The Soprano Ice Laser hair removal treatment. You read well, it’s a laser treatment yet better! Modern, comfortable, efficient and safe. All of these due to the special machine using the Soprano Ice laser.

How does the Soprano Ice Laser work?

Well, one thing is for sure, it works wonders. What do I mean by that? Well, the treatment has been tested in several dermatological trials and has been proven to be efficient on any skin and hair type. How efficient? It might take several sessions but with the Soprano Ice Laser, permanent hair removal is achievable. Wow, right?

The process uses an ice applicator which cools the surface of the skin while keeping the heat within the dermis. The result, a comfortable procedure where pain is reduced to a minimum or inexistent, while hair is visibly reduced and then removed. Not only that, but trials have also shown that the Soprano Ice Laser treatment is safer than any other method of removing hair.

What does this mean? It means that you can have a silky and healthy skin, without having to endure pain and by actually feeling comfortable during the treatment. Keep in mind that hair removal is achievable so you can say good bye to shaving and waxing!

Every lady wants to have a smooth skin but more often than not, we tend to ignore the side effects of getting rid of undesired hair. But why should we? After all, our skin is one of our best accessories. It shouldn’t only look good, it should also feel good. And it’s our duty to keep our skin healthy and well taken care of.

Whether you want to have a smashing looking body for a holiday on the beach or simply want to be able to put on a dress without having to worry about undesired body hair, getting rid of it can be simple and comfortable. Looking good and feeling good should go hand in hand. And this also applies to your skin. The healthier your skin is, the more fabulous it will look and feel. It will be smooth, glowing and soft. And you will be happy to walk in it every day.

This is what the Soprano Ice Laser hair removal treatment provides you with: silky skin, healthy skin and long term results due to it being a comfortable and efficient procedure. So take good care of your dermis. Help it glow naturally and don’t harm it when removing undesired body hair. You have a way better alternative. And it’s all about revealing your genuine, beautiful looking true self.