How Galvanic Treatment Can Keep You Looking Young


Anti-Aging Creams Are Not Enough

If you are older and wincing every time you look in the mirror then it has probably occurred to you that your anti-aging creams are not working for you. This is a shame because anti-aging creams can be very expensive. Some of them are as much as $350.00 for a small jar.

What if you knew that there was a treatment out there that could help your skin better absorb the ingredients in those expensive creams? It is called the Fyola Facial Massager and it works by using electrical impulses to maximize your skin’s ability to suck up the nourishment from expensive serums and lotions.

How Does Galvanic Facial Massage Work?

Galvanic facial massage is a state-of-the- art spa treatment you can do using a unit such as the Fyola Facial Massager. The unit combines both ultrasonic waves and galvanic ions to help enhance the absorption of nourishment from your anti-aging creams.

This technology is known as “Ionzyme” because it combines the best of both ultrasound and galvanic methods of skin treatment. Both have been used in salons in years. Most people notice that their skin feels and looks tighter and fresher after just two treatments.

Keep in mind you cannot just press this hand held unit against your skin and expect a miracle. It takes several treatments before most people see result. Furthermore a gel is needed to conduct the ultrasound waves deep into the skin. Most Galvanic facial massager kits include the gel.

What to Look For In A Great Galvanic Massager

When looking for a galvanic facial massager to use at home there are some specific features on the unit that you should look for. Look for one that has several settings. For instance, the Fyoloa Facial Massager has Cleansing, Massaging, Nutrition, Lifting, Whitening and Wrinkle Care settings on it. This type of variety when it comes to features allows you to spot treat every problematic area on your face.

The Cleansing mode forces dirt and other skin waste off of the surface of your skin. The Massage mode stimulates the metabolism of the skin so your skin looks fresh and dewy. It is the Nutrition mode on the unit that helps “push” the nutrients in your expensive serums and lotions into your skin.

The other three modes on the Galvanic Massager are more specialized. You can use the Whitening mode with a lightening cream to even your skin tone. Wrinkle Care mode makes your skin more pliant and sooth. Lifting Tight Mode tones your face and helps perk up the elastin fibers and collagen beneath your skin so your face looks plumper, younger and less saggy.

Finally, a word of advice about how to use skin products in conjunction with the Fyola Facial Massager. Do not use a heavy oily cream with this type of technology. You could clog up the unit or even cause skin blemishes or an over-oily condition in your skin!

How Galvanic Ultrasound Machines Improve the Complexion

How to Give Your Skin A Workout

In order to stay taut, toned and healthy looking your skin needs a workout just like the rest of your body. This is where giving your face a pummeling with ultrasonic waves with a hand-held unit like the Fyola Facial Machine comes in handy.

Using a galvanic ultrasound unit “exercises” the skin by increasing it’s circulation. It does not heat the skin but it does make it “sweat out” toxins. It also increases blood flow just beneath the skin. If you use it for as little as two minutes a day you will see a remarkable difference in quality of your skin texture and tone.

This works to make your skin more healthy looking and beautiful because the increase circulation brings oxygen, nutrients and hormones to the surface of your skin and carries away allergens, inflammatory factors and dead cells.

Plump Up Collagen and Elastin

You might think that you need injections of some kind to plump up the collagen and elastin in your skin. Collagen, if you will recall, is that tissue inside the skin that keeps it supple and plump. Elastin is like an elastic stocking that holds all of the tissues of the face together. After you use the Fyola massager on it you will see that it helps the elastin holding the collagen to spring back into a more flattering, youthful contour. In essence you could say that the elastin strengthens the tissues in your face so that you look more animated and strong in appearance.

Get Rid of That “Hang Dog” Look

This type of treatment can also help reduce sagging skin, bags , jowls and other issues to do with aging, bad diet and lack of long term care for the skin. As a bonus it also cleans up your pores making you look well groomed glowing and youthful.

You have probably heard of those weight loss machines that harness your waist and then “jiggle the fat” off of you. The Fyola ultrasound machine accomplishes the same kind of thing – the fat is jiggled off your face as the unit gently pummels the surface of your skin with ultraviolet rays and electricity. The skin is disturbed just enough to lift dead skin cells off of the surface but not enough to actually damage it in any way.

In conclusion, there is probably no faster way to rejuvenate and revitalize skin that has been abused, left to it’s own devices or neglected for a number of years. It is amazing at how much younger you will look after just using the unit for a few treatments. No wonder spa and salon professionals have been calling this treatment the “non-surgical facelift” for about a decade. Furthermore this type of skin care treatment is a “known quantity” that has proven itself to be safe and effective. Nobody has ever regretted the use of a galvanic ultrasound facial massager at a spa or salon and now the home technology has been made available so the average consumer can use it at home.