How Important Is Your Dental Hygiene?

Dental Hygiene

Accidents always happen. Willing or unwilling, we all might run into dental emergencies. Most of the time, dental emergencies are painful, sudden, and unexpected. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are unavoidable; prevention and maintaining oral hygiene is a big step in avoiding dental emergencies. One might wonder if there are any differences between men’s and women’s dental hygiene. Well, there are differences between men’s and women’s lifestyle for sure. This makes them care about dental hygiene in a different way that impacts their oral health. Factors such as smoking, drinking, sleeping habits, etc., make huge distinctions in facing dental emergencies. Based on recent research carried out by a  professional emergency dentist in Toronto, it is proved that women care about dental hygiene more than men, and they visit a dentist more often. 

What Are the Most Common Differences Between Men’s and Women’s Oral Health?

When speaking of dental emergencies, sex differences are repeatedly discussed and theorized. What do you think? Do women take better care of their dental hygiene? Despite maintaining dental hygiene, which of them run into dental issues more? Well, obviously, there are certain differences between men and women, but you may be surprised if you knew that these differences also affect their dental health. The oral anatomy is the same in both men and women, so what makes their oral health different from each other? In the present passage, we are going to point out some of these distinctions.

Tendency to Visit a Dentist Regularly

Several studies confirm that women tend to get a dentist’s check-up more often. On the other hand, men only go to a dentist when they have no other choice, and the pain is unbearable. A fun fact here is that married men care more about regular dentist’s visits than single ones because their wives make them do it!

Dental Health Care at Home

It seems that women follow routine dental care more frequently than men. Women usually brush their teeth twice a day; sometimes,, they clean their teeth after eating a meal. How about men? It appears that men are negligent in brushing regularly.

Facing Dental Emergencies 

As mentioned above, women pay more attention to oral health, and they visit a dentist regularly; that’s why women tend to have dental emergencies less. Serious dental issues such as gum disease, tooth decay, and root canals involve men more frequently. 

Dental Trauma

Statistics demonstrate that men play sports like football, hockey, and boxing more; that’s why men tend to meet dental trauma caused by sports accidents more than women. 

In the end, we want you to take no notice of these statistics and, in spite of your gender, choose to have a healthier lifestyle and therefor a healthier tooth. No matter if you are a man or a woman, brush your teeth at least twice a day, floss them at least one time a day. It may surprise you that how easy it is to prevent serious dental issues; it is this simple.