Informative Insights Regarding Neuroma

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Following a nerve injury, a neuroma develops as an abnormal proliferation of nerve cells. The signs and symptoms of a neuroma might vary, but they can all be uncomfortable. If you are looking for the treatment of neuroma in Studio City, contact Ron Marinaro of Pain Relief Center Studio City. His chiropractic experience, in conjunction with modern techniques, is enough to alleviate your neuroma symptoms and optimize your wellness. Call the office or schedule online today.

What Is Neuroma?

A neuroma is a clump of disorderly nerve cells that occurs when a nerve is damaged. A neuroma can develop due to an injury to your nerve that disturbs it partially or totally, such as a cut or crush injury or from overstretching. Neuromas are a prevalent condition that affects persons over the age of 50.

Any part of the body might develop neuromas. After an upper or lower extremity limb amputation, arm and leg neuromas can occur. After repairing an inguinal hernia, neuromas can form in the groin area.

There is a form of neuroma called Morton’s neuroma, which affects the feet. An alternative cause of the discomfort is tissue swelling surrounding the digital nerve, which travels down into your toes.

Symptoms of Neuroma

Symptoms of a neuroma vary. In most situations, you may only feel symptoms when you press on the nerve cluster. Pain and tingling sensations are possible symptoms. However, in extreme situations, a neuroma can cause severe pain and impair function in the body area where the cluster of nerves forms.

A neuroma can also produce widespread discomfort near the site of the injury. Your pain symptoms may worsen with time and spread to the entire limb. When this occurs, you may be suffering from a condition known as complicated regional pain syndrome.

What Happens During a Neuroma Consultation?

When you visit Dr. Marinaro with concerns about a neuroma, he performs a thorough examination to obtain a precise diagnosis. He will ask you thorough questions regarding your symptoms and the underlying incident that may have produced the neuroma during your exam. He examines your medical and surgical history and performs a physical exam, paying special focus to the structure and operation of your spine as well as the location of your suspected neuroma.

Dr. Marinaro may conduct diagnostic testing such as X-rays or an MRI to rule out other possible reasons for your symptoms.

How Is Neuroma Treated?

Dr. Marinaro creates a treatment plan that is unique to you depending on the type of neuroma, the degree of your symptoms, and your general health and wellness. Your treatment regimen may include:

·         Therapeutic exercise

·         Anti-inflammatory medication

·         Chiropractic adjustments

·         Pulsed electromagnetic energy

·         In-office and at-home rehabilitation program

·         Physical therapy

Your provider organizes regular follow-up appointments to deliver the prescribed therapies you require to cure the injured nerve, relieve your symptoms, and restore function in the location of the neuroma.

Bottom Line

Treatment of neuromas is not as easy as many may think. Suppose you are a victim of the condition, all is not lost. Call or make an appointment online with Pain Relief Center Studio City today for a complete plan from a chiropractor specializing in nerve pain.