How Much Do Laminate Veneers Cost?


Laminate veneers are thin shells or covers which are used to bring back the natural look of the teeth. Due to its highly effective results laminate veneers treatment is getting popular among people.

What is it?

Laminate veneers are a coating /cover which are bonded to the cosmetically imperfect teeth. They made up of substances like ceramic, porcelain. Veneers can be used on a single tooth or more than one tooth at a time.

A laminate veneers treatment is preferred when a patient has problems like

  • Change in the color of teeth
  • Alteration in the shape of the teeth due to a certain factor
  • Damage to the teeth due to bruxism
  • Small chips in teeth
  • Any other issue related to appearance

Once you get laminate veneers on your teeth by appropriate medical procedure, they get fixed for upcoming many years. They look all natural and the person seeing you cannot determine that you have worn veneers on your natural teeth. Also, you do not have to remove the veneers to eat your food. You can do your regular activities wearing the veneers on.

What is the cost?

The laminate veneers cost vary from case to case. It depends on the factors like how many teeth require the veneers, their condition etc. Some may find the laminate veneers cost a little high but if you believe us, it is worth to spend this money. They last for a long time of about 10 years. The laminate veneers cost may cost you $250-$2500 per veneer depending on the quality of veneers you choose.

Nowadays, laminate veneers treatment is very easy to get. If you are satisfied regarding the colour, shape, size and position of the teeth in your mouth then it is suggested to take laminate veneers treatment.

How long do the laminated veneers last?

The veneers last for a long time. Depending on the quality of veneers you chose and the appropriateness of your lifestyle, the laminated veneers last from six to twenty years or more. In case the veneers come off before the expected time, they can be easily rebonded to the tooth.