How To Blow Up Your Forearms


Every man wants a great physic with six pack abs, toned muscles along with a strong forearm. But many people think that these things are only meant for summertime as in winter season everyone has to wear full sleeve shirts. But if you want to show your sculpted forearms you can obviously roll up your sleeves. To get perfect forearms you have to follow some daily routine which includes several exercises. If you continue these exercises then surely you get thicker forearm within a month.

According to fitness expert tips given at Gymjunkies forearm workout, there are several exercises for blowing up your forearms. Like a wrist curl, farmer’s walk, finger band extension, wrist extension stretch, etc. Farmer walk is a very good exercise for the overall strength, and it will help your grip and forearms with heavy weights. You can also practice repetitive squeezing, gripping and twisting because these also help you to get impressive forearms. Again, if you try to wring the water out of the wet towel, then it will also help you to develop your forearms as this also contain the same principle.


You should do these exercises by pairing them with your normal exercises and do these at the end. Again, while practicing these exercises you should also take care of your breathing process means when you work against the resistance, then exhale and during releasing the weight you should inhale and you should do more than one set of a specific exercise with a minimum of 8 to 12 repetitions in every set.

Farmer’s Walk:

In this exercise, you have to pick up the heaviest set of the dumbbells which you hold at your sides. Then you have to stand stall and then walk with them for some time. You have to repeat this exercise for three times and in every time you have to walk for 20 seconds. Between two consecutive set, you can take a rest of 60 seconds.

How To Blow Up Your Forearms

Band Finger Extension:

In these exercises, you have to take a heavy duty rubber band, and then you have put it on the finger of your hand. Then you have to try to spread the fingers apart as far as possible, and you have to close them slowly. You have to do two sets of this exercise and in each set, you have to do 20 to 30 repetitions.

Single Dumbbell Wrist Curl:

Here you have to sit on a box or bench by holding a dumbbell in your one hand, and then you have to rest your elbow and forearm on your thigh. In this case, the elbow should bend 90 degrees. In this position when your dumbbell hangs down you have to curl your wrist up so that the palm faces towards your biceps. You have to do this two times and in every case, you should repeat this for at least 15 to 20 times.

There are several other exercises like Wrist extension stretch, Knock row, Lackrosse ball forearm roll, etc. and these are also very helpful for blow up your forearm.