How to cancel Shakeology


If a coach or the customer has subscribed to the club membership of online, they cannot cancel the subscription directly. The customer or the coach need to contact an agent for the cancellation of the membership. The membership can be cancelled through email, by phone or through live chat on the website.

Following points will inform about the membership cancellation for Shakeology;

  1. The different options to contact agent for the membership cancellation are given below.
  2. The information that is required to cancel mostly is the email address of the concerned person. In some cases, the customer or order number might be required that will ensure the timely processing of the request.
  3. If the coaches want to submit the cancellation request on behalf of another coach then they have to submit a Management Consent Form to authorize access or to make changes to the respective account. Those coaches who get the permissions can submit the cancellation request on behalf of the approved coach.

But on the other side, a customer cannot request for cancellation on behalf of other customers and no consent form is available at all.

  1. In order to prevent future billings, the requests should be submitted three days before the next scheduled payment during the business working days. But if the coach wants to re-order the membership subscription again, he needs to request for it on the official website.
  2. If a coach cancels his membership at then this will affect his rank and qualification for promotions and contests like the lead programs and success club.