How to Choose the Right Boxing Gloves


Boxing is one of the most popular combat sports nowadays around the globe with thousands of followers. That is why there is a big variety of available boxing equipment to choose from.

If you have just started practicing boxing, the first thing you need to do is to get the right sports equipment. In this case, the most basic and probably the most important part of the equipment is a pair of good boxing gloves.

However picking the right one, that suits you just perfect can be challenging, but as you manage to get it you will definitely know – it was worth searching.

Like many other products, if you need to buy gloves as a beginner you will need to make a little research about it. Fightbest is a site solely made for fighting equipment reviews and provides some useful info about sporting equipment and specifically on boxing gloves.

The importance of having right boxing gloves cannot be overstated, as the professional boxers say. The major benefits that a good pair of gloves can deliver include:

Increased safety

For your and your opponent’s safety proper gloves are crucially important. If the gloves don’t fit tight your hands and wrists it can lead to an injury, keeping you out of the gym for some weeks.

Also, choosing the correct glove size (heavier gloves for more powerful sportsmen) will keep the opponent safe from overly powerful punches. So it is less damaging for the opponent and at the same time provides more protection for your hands.

Optimizing your training routine

While practicing boxing you will have to tackle many different types of exercise. They differ in style, difficulty and some of them require the specific type of gloves. For example speed work, or shadow fighting is normally done with lighter gloves than usual. While for sparring you might prefer wearing heavier gloves.

Excelling your skills to the fullest

Right fight equipment allows you to feel comfortable and brings satisfaction from exercise. Without that, it is impossible to maintain the passion and reveal the maximum of your potential.

The first and the most important thing about choosing boxing gloves for you is the size. The gloves’ size is calculated by the measures of the athlete.

Professional boxers normally use several different sizes of the gloves for training, sparring, and competition.

Normally sparring gloves are the heaviest with the most padding. On the other hand, training gloves are lighter and the competition gloves have less padding so you can hurt your opponent more. But if you are a beginner a pair of your standard size gloves is a perfect start.

Except for the size, the boxing gloves vary in many aspects. For example, materials used (from vinyl to genuine leather), quality, durability, price etc.

After you have chosen the gloves, you are off to start your training. The boxing gloves are the most important accessory of a boxer, yet you may need other pieces of fighting equipment too, like a mouthguard, shinguards(if you want to include kicks), or headgear.

Also, it is always a good idea to use boxing hand wraps. They are used to absorb perspiration and help to prolong the lifespan of the gloves.