How to get rid of from the habit of smoking

Horizontal view of a teenagers smoking marijuana joint

Smoking is the most common habit that is seen everywhere around the world, but at the same time, everyone is getting the awareness about the harmful diseases that occurs due to the smoking habit. At once they started knowing about this, they try to quit the habit of smoking, but it is not an easy process to stop smoking all of a sudden. Hence there are a lot of ways that are being introduced by the specialists in order to quit the smoking, one among those is usage of the gums and the patches that are made up of the nicotine content in a small amount. But this although are not that much effective in quitting the smoking, hence there comes the latest invention that help the smokers to stop smoking gradually is the electronic cigarette or the e –cigarette that are made up of the e liquid or e-juice which is actually made up of small amount of nicotine but are not that harmful like the normal cigarettes.

What is the e cigarette is made up of?

The e liquid is made up of the nicotine, glycol, glycerine and the flavors that are usually present in the e-cigar and are highly used by the people who are addicted to smoking but want to get rid of from that habit. The e cigarette consists of a container that is used for storing this e juice tank, this cigarette when inhaled converts the little amount of liquid that is present in the container in to the vapor, which gives the feel of smoking the real cigarettes when inhaled by the user. The small LED which is present at the bottom of the cigarette produces the glow in orange color that actually gives the feel of the lighting the real cigarette. These nicotine containers are available at different sizes like half length, full length, and minimal length, so that the user who wants to quit smoking can decrease the sizes gradually.

The electronic cigarettes contain the taste of the tobacco but this is not actually made up of that substances. The e cigarette is made up of a chamber that allows the user to carry it comfortably just like they hold the normal cigarette. They even create a smoke that is usually converted from the nicotine liquid that is present in the nicotine container; this release of smoke gives the feel of the real cigarette to the user.


As everyone is getting the awareness of the harmfulness of the cigarette smoking, they are moving towards the path that are making them to get rid of from the habit of smoking. People are often looking for the substitutes that could help them in decreasing the habit gradually. Although there are a lot of ways that help in reducing the habit, the use of electronic cigarettes is highly increasing among the people who want to stop the habit. The e- cigarettes are available online at the most of the shopping portals that are even highly affordable by all kinds of people.