Licensing Criteria for Physical Therapists


You must achieve your service license in order to work in the capacity of a physical therapist in the US. The criteria for a licensing process are based on the specifics of your residential place. Licensing criteria for physio-therapists is overseen by the State authorities. The National Physical Therapy Examination has to be passed by individuals that apply for physiotherapist service licenses in a US state.  Competency of all candidates is measured by this test; Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy administers this test. Certain parameters ought to be satisfied by the applicants in their attempt to clear this test. Potential delays can be evaded once a candidate understands and follows the rules.

Licensing Criteria

The licensing authorities vary in every state when it comes to providing physiotherapy treatment. Your state licensing agency determines your eligibility for such services, while the test gets administered by the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy. Individual criteria are set by each of these agencies. It’s truly important for an applicant to check and find out whether he meets all eligibility criteria for taking this test. The state agency provides materials that ought to be reviewed by an applicant.

When it comes to checking the eligibility of an individual for taking the test, the FSBPT holds the final say. Unless the state licensing authority approves a candidate for sitting in this test, the FSBPT will deny him access to the examination hall.

Academic Criteria

It has become mandatory for the applicants in every state to furnish proof of academic success. Prior to attending this exam, they must submit all proof through the accredited physical therapy program. The American Physical Therapy Association needs to provide accreditations to these candidates as per the guidelines set by state authorities.

Prior to attending the graduation ceremony, candidates in some 26 states are allowed to sit for the test. As per the state norms, a candidate has to get it notified that he is either on the verge of completing his educational requirements or have almost completed it.

Additional Requirements

Prior to attending their exam, Physical therapist applicants have to fulfill all other requirements as per the licensing guidelines set by the State Licensing Agencies. States even make it necessary for you to undergo a character review and meet the application charges in time. A criminal record analysis and responses obtained from your references help the authorities determine your fitness for obtaining the license. In some states, you may fulfill the steps and sign up for the test simultaneously. However, you won’t obtain the clearance until the FSBPT is notified (by the state agency) of your meeting all requirements set by the state.

National Physical Therapy Examination

Prior to retaking the National Physical Therapy Examination, an applicant has to meet certain criteria set by the state licensing agency. Due to these criteria, all your attempts for sitting in this test without having scored the passing grade get restricted. All 17 states have to follow these requirements and an applicant has to fulfill remedial tasks in case he fails on more than two occasions.