How to Increase Muscle Size without Increasing Body Fat?

Body Fat

Increasing the muscle size without gaining fat mass is not a simple task, but definitely you can do it. There are a few factors which can influence this process.

  • The level of your training
  • Diet you are consuming
  • Cardiovascular exercises
  • Your age

The Level of Training

People who are beginners in the bodybuilding field have greater capacity to increase their muscle mass than increasing fat mass. This is because when you start something, your body undergoes many changes and in this process it adopts, so that it can make itself ready for the future trainings. This is also called the adaptation and body will consume a lot of calories these adaptations.

These adaptations are strength training your muscles, increasing the size of your muscles, strengthening bones and ligaments and it also helps in some other functions of the body like it enables you to have a better control. Every function of the body which is done in this regard need calories and body will take this energy from the already deposited fat stores.

On the other hand, if we talk about those people who are doing it for the last 3-4 years, they may have developed muscle mass and fat tissues in the same proportion if they are not eating and training properly.

Body Fat


If you want to build your muscles, then it is imperative on your part to know about your maintenance calories. Maintenance calories are those calories which you can consume without increasing your body weight. This is the amount of calories to be consumed every day without any problem. If you want to increase your weight or muscle mass, then start consuming a couple of hundred more calories. In case you want to reduce your weight, then decrease the intake of calories by 200 to 500 cal. You can also consume supplement for weight loss.


To increase the muscle mass you have to consume those foods which have quality protein. Consume protein up to 30% of your diet and eat carbohydrates around 20 to 30%, the rest you can consume fats. Make sure to consume healthy fats which bring favorable results on your body. If you want to save yourself from fat accumulation, then consume carbohydrates in the required amount in the training days and reduce the amount of carbohydrates 200 to 150 g maximum per day when you are resting.

Cardiovascular Exercises

Cardiovascular exercises are good to burn extra calories. Cardiovascular exercises may bring negative impacts on your increasing muscle mass that is why it is imperative to do it as advised by your physical trainer. In order to burn calories opt for a brisk walk, this is a low intensity exercises and you can continue it for long without any problem.


Age can play a significant role when you are looking forward to have a career in bodybuilding. Moreover, if you are looking forward to build muscles without gaining fat, then your age can affect the metabolism as it decreases with age. In this case you can opt for supplement for weight loss.