How To Increase Self-Esteem


    In this day and age, there can be a lot of pressure to be the best at everything.  The bar has been set so high for everything from careers to how you look that it can feel like you have the world on your shoulders at times just trying to feel good enough.

    Self-esteem struggles are something that many people deal with in just about any age group and culture.  It is a result of trying to measure up to the pressures of society that either other people place on us or that we place on ourselves.

    If you’ve been struggling with trying to pick your self-esteem back up try the following methods.

    If Something Is Bothering You, Fix It

    Rather than allowing yourself to fall into feeling sorry for yourself, why not take the reins and do whatever it takes in order to change or better the things which you aren’t happy about.  For example, if you are feeling out of shape or like you could lose a few pounds, why not consider looking for a way to exercise or find a workout program by looking at places like Training in the Bay or asking friends for recommendations.

    Although you can’t change everything about yourself and should learn to love the things about you that you simply must accept, you should still take the actions necessary to take control of the things that you can change.

    Stop Comparing Yourself

    One of the biggest culprits of your self-esteem being low is by expecting to be like others.  Everyone has their own unique set of talents and qualities.  Comparing yourself to others and trying to be the same as everyone else will only leave you feeling inadequate and frustrated.

    Instead of feeling pressure to be just like everyone else, why not strive to be original.  This can be achieved not by being the best out of everyone, but the best version of yourself. 

    Forgive Yourself For Your Shortcomings

    Many people make the mistake of being kind and forgiving to others, yet not giving the same treatment to themselves.  When you do this to yourself you are not doing yourself any favors.  Always make sure that you give yourself the same amount of forgiveness and love that you would give to others.

    Try to look at yourself as an imperfect human just like everyone else, remembering that even the best of the best sometimes make mistakes.

    Surround Yourself With Loving People

    Sometimes people believe that they are creating their own self-esteem issues however often it’s because they are surrounding themselves with people who constantly criticize and belittle.

    If you surround yourself with people who are loving and accepting, you will find that you will feel much more loving towards yourself as well.