High Intensity Interval Training Burns More Calories

Burn Calories

HIIT is a type of workout in which high-intensity workouts are done alternately with rest or moderate workouts. It is practiced in running or in squatting and is very effective than normal cardio workouts as you could burn more fat. You also gain aerobic and anaerobic endurance of your body. You could feel the intensity and hardness yourself and the research also proved that hiit enables the more effective burning of adipose tissue. It is 50% more effective than the normal low-intensity workouts. The hiit workout also improves your metabolism and burns the calories all through the day.

You should not do the hiit in all the seven days of the week. A seven to ten minutes quick cardio workout was prescribed when it was introduced. Then it was followed by a rest. It is practiced in such a way which elevates your heart beats followed by a period of rest. Generally we do hit workout in 1:1, 1:2 or in 1:3 work to rest ratio. Doing the workout at your maximum capacity would yield the good result.

Benefits of HIIT

People feel it good to do fast workouts than doing regular, slow workouts. Though the actual prescription is a heavy long cycle, most people go for the seven to ten minutes cycle. It shows quick results.

Research showed that the intervals help to improve your metabolism which reduces the inner inflammation. The inner inflammation caused during workouts, stops you from continuous workouts. The interval helps you to gain the energy from the burning of the fats.

By alternating your work and rest cycle, you could do the workout for a longer time than what you could do in a single stretch workout. The final effect you get is certainly more than the other cardio form of workout.

When you do the hiit cycle correctly under the supervision of your trainer and when your food and supplements intake are right, fat burning and reduction of your belly size take place quickly. It increases the strength of your muscles and improves the strength of your heart.

Way of Doing HIIT

As it is a high-intensity workout you should not stretch yourself too much. During the workout, after the high intense quick running or the quick squatting, you should give the proper rest period which is very much needed for the muscle repairing to take place. Intense workout also should not be stretched beyond your capacity which causes undue wear and tear and might cause further injuries. It is the only concern in doing hiit. If you don’t follow properly, it not only causes injuries but would result in the fatigue of your mind. It might stop you from further trying the hiit anymore.

Doing the hiit all through the week is not advisable but doing it two or three days in a week is prescribed. Experts advice two hiit sessions and two resistance training sessions, if you go for four times a week hiit work out.