How To Spend Your Summer Being Healthy


Summer is a great time to focus on being healthier. Instead of sitting around the house trying to avoid the cold and snow, you can get outside and enjoy the nice weather. Instead of just suntanning in your backyard (which is not healthy) or sitting lazily in the four-season room, consider getting up and getting moving.

While much of the healthy things you can do during the summer are free, you might need some gear to do some of them. It may be worth it to get a small personal loan so that you can afford some new sports items or workout wear, or even a new bathing suit (those aren’t cheap these days).

Get To The Beach

The beach offers a few great ways to get fit and healthy. The least of which is actually swimming. Swimming is a great way to get in a workout, and even people with aches and pains can effortlessly get some fitness done pain-free in the water, whether it’s lake water or in a pool.

However, swimming isn’t your only beach workout option. Going for a stroll in the sand is a great workout because the sand actually adds some resistance to your steps. You could also join in on a game of beach volleyball for a full body workout.

Spend More Time Outdoors

Just get outdoors. From a walk around the block to a hike through the park, the great outdoors is full of excellent opportunities for fitness. School’s out, so use the track around the local high school football field for some running and jogging.

You can also join in on some yoga in the park, tai chi on the beach, or any other fitness that has moved from the indoors out. Fresh air will do you good and help you relax even more.

Pick Up A Sport

Start playing a sport that gets you outside, even if it’s just putt-putt golf. Sports are a great way to get in a fun workout and you won’t even feel like you’re exercising. Golfing counts as exercise if you walk (don’t take a cart).

There are lots of other sports. Try basketball (which is a really intense workout) or tennis (maybe even more intense). Just have fun with it.

Eat In Season

It’s also a great time to change the way you eat. Start doing your grocery shopping at the local farmer’s market and skip the grocery store. You can get the best and healthiest options, even meat, this way.

Start eating more fruits and vegetables, getting the ones that are now in season. This will allow you to get more creative with your meals, gain more energy, and just feel all around healthier.