Recognizing Stress: How to Know When You Are under Too Much Stress


Stress can be an insidious force. It can often sneak up on you and affect you in ways you may not even realize until you become quite overwhelmed. When stress piles up, it can affect you physically as well as mentally. Knowing the warning signs of stress can help you stop it in its tracks before it can negatively affect your day, even your week. By learning how to recognize the early signs of stress, you can effectively cope with it before it can exert its destructive influence on your life.


If you aren’t typically an absent-minded individual but start forgetting things on your plate, it’s likely because there is too much on it. When you have too many things to do and too much you need to remember, you are apt to become forgetful. If you find that you begin to forget important things like work assignments or appointments, it’s probably time to stop and assess what’s going on. Try to eliminate or reschedule items on your agenda so you can regroup and de-stress.

You Feel Negative

If you aren’t usually a negative or cynical person but start feeling less positive about aspects of your life, stress might be getting to you. People under stress can find it hard to view the glass as half full. If things at work or home begin to bother you in ways you never noted before, it could be that stress is coloring your view. Try to step away for a day or two if you can to recharge your spirits. Once you can eliminate some of the stress in your life, you’re likely to view the world more positively again.


If you begin to feel run-down, there’s a strong likelihood that the stress in your life is zapping your energy. Stress can drain your energy so that you feel tired in body and mind. If you are getting your normal amount of sleep but still feel tired, consider what’s going on around you. Although fatigue can be related to other health conditions, it’s also a sure sign that stress is wearing you down. Try to pencil in some downtime just to help you mentally unwind. Try reading or the mandala coloring book app, which can help you effectively de-stress.

Headaches and Colds

When chronic stress gets a hold of you, it’s not uncommon for your immune system to take the hit. People that are under stress for long periods may be more vulnerable to colds and other viruses. Suffering from headaches and digestive complaints is very common for people when they’re stressed out. When stress begins to take a physical toll on you, it’s important to root it out of your life. You may have to make some serious changes to ward away the stress that’s plaguing you. Talk to your doctor about ways you can eliminate stress so that it doesn’t impact you physically.

Don’t let stress play a major role in your life. Take steps to control your life so that stress doesn’t cause daily chaos for you. With these warning signs in mind, you may be able to address stress before it ruins weeks or even months of your life.