How to Treat Tonsillitis

Treat Tonsillitis

Tonsils are fleshy pads located on both sides of the back of your throat; when infected, they result in a condition called tonsillitis. Tonsillitis is very painful and can occur at any age, and you will need a trusted physician to prescribe an effective treatment. Experts at tonsils in Marrero offer quality care for your nose, ear, tonsils, and throat. During your visit, you will also learn the causes of tonsillitis, symptoms, and treatment options.

Causes of Tonsillitis

Tonsils act as the defense system against illnesses since they produce white blood cells, which fight against infections. The bacteria and viruses enter your body through the nose and mouth can affect the tonsils—bacterial infections like strep throat and viruses such as common cold cause tonsillitis. Bacterial tonsillitis is common in children, and antibiotics can be used to treat the condition. Tonsillitis can be chronic or acute, and can sometimes be recurring.

Symptoms of Tonsillitis

The most common symptoms that you are likely to experience are: bad breath, sore throat, stiff neck, difficulty in swallowing, fever, and enlarged lymph glands in your neck. Young children may experience poor appetite, excess drooling, and vomiting. You should visit your doctor if you or your child experience any of the symptoms.


Before your doctor prescribes any treatment, a diagnosis is made, and the doctor will give treatment according to the cause of tonsillitis. Diagnosis will be based on a physical examination where your doctor will look at your tonsils if there is any swelling or pus. The doctor will check for any fever and feel any bump or in case you are experiencing pain in the neck. The blood count is also done to find if the infection is bacterial or viral.

Treatment of Tonsillitis

If bacteria cause your tonsillitis, you will need a prescription of antibiotics. The antibiotics will start working after three days. The symptoms will go away faster, although a risk of antibiotic resistance can cause an upset stomach. During medication, you need to contact your doctor in case of any complications.

Tonsillectomy Surgery

Chronic or recurrent tonsillitis, difficulty breathing, and swallowing can be avoided by tonsillectomy surgery. Your surgeon will remove the affected tonsils using a scalpel. You should be able to recover after one or two weeks. You will be given painkillers after surgery to take away the pain when the throat is healing. The surgery should be done by a specialized surgeon so that there is a reduction of complications.

Additionally, other home remedies will help your body to fight infection on its own. The treatments will include drinking warm and cold fluids that will help with throat pain. You need to get lots of rest to relax your throat. Gargling with warm salty water several times a day will kill the bacteria trying to accumulate on the throat. It would help to avoid smoking, as smoking exposes your tonsils to significant damage. Visit your doctor, who will give you the best home remedies for your case.


Although you can have tonsillitis at any age, children are prone to them because of their exposure to bacteria. It would help if you were diagnosed before starting any treatment plan on your tonsils. In case you experience any symptoms related to tonsillitis, you should schedule an appointment immediately.