Women Healthcare Treatment Services at Chicago Center for Women’s Health, IL

Women Healthcare

Women generally have a complex health scope that requires special healthcare services. Due to their unique biology, women experience a range of different health issues. It would be a relief to you as a woman to get all the necessary healthcare services you need in a single place. Chicago Center for Women’s Health, a women’s health specialist in Oak Lawn, IL, aims at providing women with a secure surrounding that is comfortable for empowerment to live healthy and enjoyable lives. A woman’s healthy and happy life is achievable through compassionate health practitioners’ treatment of urinary incontinence, treating the urinary tract’s infections, and pelvic surgeries using minimally invasive procedures.

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Service Approach

At the Chicago Center for Women’s Health, the team of qualified health physicians provides customized treatment to individual patients and uses a comprehensive approach to tackling women’s health issues. It helps them offer a broader scope of the gynecological services with extended appointment times on Saturdays for adequate service to all patients.

Services Available

Some of the healthcare service provision include:

  • Urinary incontinence

This sort of disorder comes about due to various causes; they could be nervous system disorder, hormonal changes, infections, or pelvic floor complications consisting of ligaments and muscles that anchor the womb, bladder, and other structures. The specialists at Chicago Center for Women’s Health will conduct a series of tests to establish your condition’s actual cause. Some include urine amount expulsion during the urination process to evaluate the pelvic floor’s functional abilities. Later, the treatment plan is organized depending on the cause.

  • Prolapse

It is a condition consisting of the drop in the pelvic organ from its usual position to it pressing against the walls of the vagina. This condition happens when the ligaments offering the pelvic anchorage become weak or damaged, thus losing their function, causing a shift in the pelvis’ normal position. The treatment is via minimally invasive physical therapy, surgery, or other conservative mode of treatment.

  • Irregular bleeding

This is described as bleeding that happens out of the normal range of menstrual periods. Regular menses occur in three to seven days, twenty-eight days apart, via the passing of approximately an ounce of blood. Irregular bleeding is characterized by heavy bleeding, irregular timing, or even the absence of bleeding.

  • Pelvic pain

Organs in the abdominal section and the pelvic area are prone to trigger pain. The organs include the uterus, vulva, rectum, pelvic floor muscles, and anus. One of the causes of pain can be fibroids. Treatment is administered through hormonal therapy, minimally invasive methods, and antibiotics.

  • Urinary tract infection

Urinary tract infections, or UTIs, occur when there is a bacterial invasion in the urinary tract and overpowers the body’s natural defences. Symptoms may include pink urine coloration, difficulty in emptying the bladder, pain during urination, inability to urinate when you get the urge, or strong-smelling urine. The condition is treated using antibiotics and drinking a lot of water to ensure bacteria are flushed out in the process.

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