How Women Wellness Examinations Can Help Prevent Reproductive Problems

Women Wellness

It will help to have frequent wellness examinations if you are a woman, which helps prevent some reproductive conditions from disrupting your life. Wellness examinations are not a necessity, but they help answer most questions about reproductive health. One way of controlling your reproductive health is finding Dr. Rolando Alvarez in Boynton Beach, a women’s wellness expert who will put all your worries at ease.

Why is women’s health important?

Women’s health checks are comprehensive examinations with one goal in mind: to prevent some common reproductive diseases, screen you for some STDs, and have a one-on-one with your doctor about some possible issues that can make your life miserable. Normally, you would get the following services in a wellness examination:

  •         Pap tests
  •         Wellness exams
  •         Vaccinations
  •         Meal plans
  •         Hormone replacement therapies
  •         Screening for cancer
  •         Anti-aging treatments
  •         Breast examinations
  •         Pelvic examinations

PharmXhealthOne has a highly trained team on site that offers the above tests once it establishes your need for one.

What should you expect during a wellness visit?

The first thing you will notice when you visit PharmXhealthOne is the state-of-the-art equipment. Your doctor will begin by taking measurements for normal issues such as your weight, blood sugar, blood pressure, and a review of your previous medical visits.

The next step involves the women-only tests, which range from breast checks to pelvic examinations. PharmXhealthOne staff will also take a Pap smear test, with the samples going to the labs for further examinations. Your health provider will collect samples from your cervices for cervical cancer tests and send them to the lab for processing.

Noteworthy, your medical history can point your doctor to some other tests to rule out some other medical conditions. You can have a biopsy, blood test, imaging procedure, and a urine test in this case. All these tests help rule out some diseases that only affect women.

What if one or more of your well-woman tests turn out positive?

After the tests, there are two outcomes: you could test positive for one or more of the issues, or your doctor declares you are in good health. In the first scenario, where your doctor declares you are positive for one of the issues, you will need treatment. In addition, even if you turn out negative, your doctor might recommend some activities and medications to help you avoid some issues in the future. Your doctor might recommend:

  •         Birth control
  •         Vaccinations
  •         Minor surgeries
  •         Medications
  •         Exercise
  •         A diet change
  •         IV therapy vitamins
  •         Medical weight loss procedure

How many times should you receive women’s wellness exams?

It would help if you had the exams as often as possible. However, the most recommended rate is at least once per year. When you have some abnormalities in your reproductive areas, you should make a point to see your doctor as soon as possible.

Wellness examinations are the first step to having your reproductive health in control. The examinations are a preventive measure and help capture conditions early for a better chance during treatment. Call PharmXhealthOne or make an online appointment to begin your wellness journey.