When you relate and even worse live with a narcissist, the emotional drain is devastating. It is even worse because a narcissist does not verbally or even physically abuse you. The abuse is covered with lots of love and care. This why you eventually start doubting your worth as a person because your partner makes you believe that what he is doing and saying is true and that he is superior to you. The psychological and emotional abuse may result to absolute control and lose of identity. It is very important for you to undergo narcissistic abuse recovery so as to regain your identity and self-esteem.

Reasons why you should go for therapy

Restoration of self confidence

Life with a narcissist can strip off a person’s confidence. You will find yourself second guessing everything you are saying or doing. You will never take a step without wondering if what you are doing is right and this is no way to live. The emotional abuse that you would have undergone when living with a narcissist can be so deep rooted especially if it has been happening for a long time. You may not be able to do this on your own. You will need support.

Restoration of identity

We all have our individuality, our personalities. If you have endured abuse from a narcissist, then chances are high you do not have the same identity you have had most of your life. It is possible for a confident person to become timid under this kind of abuse. Someone who used to be a go-getter suddenly hides behind her inability to do anything. You need to be the person you were before the abuse. The only way to get your identity back is through therapy. You need to realize the person you were before was not bad and that the person you are now is only an identity that has been conjured by the narcissist who did this to you.

Restoration of health

Narcissistic abuse not only affects your emotional health, your physical health suffers too. There are victims who experience weight gain because of the stress while others experience weight loss. Some victims also experience insomnia which eventually affects their well-being. It is very important for you to regain the healthy you otherwise you will continue down the same path which is quite disastrous.

Narcissistic abuse recovery is very important for every person who has been a victim. The therapy offered will be able to change the mindset that has been created by the person who has abuse you. Recovery is very important because being a victim and remaining one are two different things. You need to get out of that cycle and the only way out is by seeking help.