Lipstick Vs Lip Gloss Wars


First impressions last longer and it is easy to create memorable impressions by dabbing the lips with a slight hint of pigment. Of the many lip beauty products, lipstick lip gloss rank top when it comes to daily use. No makeup kit or makeup bag is complete without lipstick.

There are diehard fans of lipstick users and dedicated lip gloss users. No category of women was swayed by the other product unit new formulations hit the market. Compare the lipstick looks and lip gloss looks before stepping out for an event and evaluate which suits best for the party look or a romantic date.


Lipsticks are deeply pigmented and give a polished look. They cover the full lips and provide the best lady look irrespective of the deep red shades or mellow nude shades. Choose Matte or creamy lipsticks to get the extra shine and boost to your lips.

Lip gloss is the go-to makeup products for women who wish to get the juicy look to their lips with a single swoosh. They are usually sheer and give the translucent look. For an opaque look, try deeper shades of lip gloss or apply an extra coat.

For Party Vs Everyday Use

Lipsticks are versatile and come in a hundred shades. They are easy to apply and give you the instant ready look with a single coat of lipstick. They are perfect for everyday use, office and hanging out with friends. A dab of lipstick brings freshness and life to the face in seconds. Lipstick application is mostly used to define the lips and highlight the shape.

Lip gloss is more suited for a party when you want to highlight eyes other than lips. The sheen from Lip gloss makes the lips rather tempting than giving the bold look. It gives the perfect pout look to the lips with its creamy shine. For a more voluptuous look on the lips, lip gloss is a go-to product.


Lipsticks have a long-lasting effect on the lips than lip gloss. The pigmentation does not easily get lost unless you consume hot food which melts away the lipstick. Lipstick pigmentation can seep through the fine lines of the lips and is more suited for makeup enthusiasts.

Lip gloss has less durability compared to lipsticks. Its pigmentation effect is low in comparison and is easy to lose the sheen effect after a few hours. Lip gloss is a playful lip product and is a big hit when it comes to younger generation girls.

Choose a lipstick with moisturizing properties to nourish the lips along with adding some color to your lips. Lipsticks cover the imperfect lips too and make them beautiful.

Lip gloss, on the other hand, is a great product for dry lips while adding shine to them. Pick a lip gloss which isn’t too sticky or smudgy. Keep them in your bag to add hue at any time of the day and to put a smile on your face. For more health and fitness news visit Emerging NewsHub 24