Important things to know about your Physical Therapy


If you have never visited a Physiotherapy Clinic and are planning to do so, there are certain things that you should seriously consider. Even though you might be in severe pain and weakened by your injury, your Physical Therapist might end up asking you a lot of probing questions to understand your situation and then come up with an individualized treatment plan. You should be prepared to answer them in detail because they are essential for your treatment.

There are certain other aspects of your Physical Therapy as well which need your attention. If you are confused about any of the procedures, do not hesitate to ask the Physical Therapist straightaway.

  • Know how critical your condition is:

Ask the Physical Therapist to explain your problem and the solution to it. Listen attentively to him and ask him to simplify any medical term that you cannot understand. The way your therapist responds to this question is essential in determining how much knowledge he possesses about your medical condition and how he intends to treat it. It is better to research about your medical condition prior to the appointment so that you are aware of your condition and the treatments. Apart from asking you questions, the Physical Therapist will also perform certain tests to make an accurate assessment of your condition.

  • Know the causes of your medical condition and how it will be cured: Knowing the causes of your problem will help you in eradicating it quickly as well as preventing its recurrence. This, in turn, can promote a healthier lifestyle. The causes of your problems may be poor posture at work, stress, incorrect weightlifting techniques, etc. Understanding the causes of your chronic or acute condition and how it happened is essential to prevent it from occurring again.
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  • Know about your treatment plan:

Ask the Physical Therapist about his expectations of you. In that way, you will receive a detailed account of the procedure. Moreover, he might recommend you to follow your home exercise program routine strictly and apply heat or ice on the affected area in case of an injury.

  • Know about the duration of the treatment:

This might not be easy for the Physical Therapist to answer. However, he might answer your question based on his experiences in dealing with patients with the same medical condition. The Physical Therapist should be able to give you an estimated time frame within which you will recover. Based on the time frame, he might also set the frequency of the sessions every week.

  • Know about the procedure of the Physical Therapy:

Generally, your first Physical Therapy session will consist of a comprehensive analysis and assessment of your medical condition. The Physical Therapist will ask you a lot of questions regarding your medical history, the incidents that have led to the problem, what increases your problem and what eases it and how your medical condition affects your life. Medical examinations such as palpitation, neurological screening, strength testing and range of motion and others might be performed according to your condition.

The Dearborn Physical Therapy includes manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, balance training and others. You can visit Michigan Physical Therapy clinics and consult with Physical Therapists to understand your medical condition in detail.