Selecting weed by comparing sticky bud and dry bud


If you are new to smoking weed you might be told about few things that you should look forward as you choose the strain. Many people differentiate between good and bad weed by smelling it while some look for certain extras like stickiness and appearance of the bud. It is a long debate that whether a sticky one is better or is it the other way round. In the market, you will find both sticky bud and dry bud being sold and consumed heavily. So, which one should be your pick? Let’s find it out.

What is a sticky weed?

When you go into the market, with the weed and slang in its community, you may hear about the ‘sticky-icky’ which is used to refer to the good weed. It is about the cannabis being moist and as you touch it you will feel the stickiness among your fingers. Such kind of weed will taste good and it will bring high experience to you.

In case that you find sticky weed, get it and it does not smoke good, you may want to rethink about it. A sticky strain is meant to be good and if it is sticky then it should have these qualities such as good taste and bringing ‘high’ to you. If it lack in the qualities, you it wasn’t the sticky weed but might be treated artificially so that it appears to be such kind of cannabis.

What makes it sticky?

What is it that the dry weed lacks? What makes the sticky weed the way it behaves? Well, it is about resin and trichomes. When you consider cannabis plant, it has resin glands that are known as trichomes. These appear to be tiny hair like structure if seen through a microscope and comes with some liquid in it. The liquid appears to be clear until you have the plant ready to be harvested upon which the liquid changes it color from white to a little light brown. Also, at this time, the liquid starts emerging in the trichome.

You can see these trichomes with naked eye and it will appear to be some sort of crystals on your bud which is why most people will tell you to see the amount of ‘crystals on your bud’ before you buy it. The heavy coating of trichomes refer to the fact that there will be more observable crystal with your naked eyes which means that you have good sticky weed in your hands.

Comparing the sticky weed with dry weed

By now, you would have figured the difference between a sticky bud and dry bud and what makes them behave this way. But which one is better?
To this point, we have talked about the sticky bud being good. It has some seriously good strains attached to it such as Grand Daddy Purp and White Widow. While most of the time such strains are better, it is not necessary that they will always be great and will have an edge over the dry ones.

The dry strains are at more affordable side of weed strains and they are often used in the making of edibles as they can be ground finely. Some dry buds carry good amount of flavor in them and some of them will burn hotter, faster, and harsher as compared to the good sticky weed.