Improper posture may cause you a migraine.


Today, we spend most of our time driving cars or sitting in the offices working in front of computers. We don’t have much time for exercising! Our modern lifestyle can be rightly blamed for this. And because of working in front of the screen for hours, most of us are prone to headaches.

We tend to get confused between headache and migraine. Migraine is a neurological disease. It is different from regular headaches; with migraine pain often triggers one side of the head. The pain can be ranged from moderate to severe and it may last up to 72 hours. Migraine headache can be followed by vomiting sensation and may increase with certain smell, light or sound.

Former, migraine was majorly associated with improper food habits that is not consuming proper nutrients and eating JUNK food or even as the result of dieting! If you have migraine then your neurologist might ask you to stop eating chocolates, ice-creams, jelly, coffee, sour food (don’t be heart broken about being asked to avoid to your favorite food, simply exercise to keep yourself healthy!)

There prevails another reason for the cause of migraine, ‘psychological stress’. Stress creates pressure in the brain giving you headaches. If you take a lot of stress so as to overcome you may practice yoga. Yoga helps to reduce the level of stress.

The statistics show 1 of 5 women suffers from migraine once in her lifetime this can be during menstruation (which is referred as menstruation migraine), menarche or menopause. Migraine may also occur during pregnancy. This may be because of various reasons such as stress, hormonal imbalance, postural etc. For this you should also exercise daily, but not without consulting a physiotherapist as he would be able to suggest you exercise keeping your health in mind.

Your sleeping schedule, if you are not sleeping for a proper duration of time or oversleeping, then you’re inviting migraine.. But, there is another reason which has spring up, about which we all should be careful is our body posture. Most of our time goes hunching over computes and we neglect about the body posture and this might stun you but most of us suffer from migraines because of bad posture.

So, when you have an improper position, then it triggers your neck or back making you contorted! This leads to increased pressure in the neck and the nerves in the neck area gets compressed and then triggers your head (scalp). If you do not take your posture seriously, then you might have to suffer from such severe neurological problem like migraine. A high heel too leads to bad posture. If you wear high heel then, due to much pressure laid on the vertebra as well as the muscles above pelvis, leads to forward leaning of the upper body from the shoulder and to avoid this we try to stay as erect as we can but this leads to cause headache and pain around neck area. We tend to overlook this sort of pain and instead of taking it seriously, we try to cure it by taking a few pain killers.

If you feel pain in your neck and sides of your head then this is a sign that you might suffer from migraine. That is the time when you should check your posture and consult a Physiotherapist in Indore!