Knowing the Benefits and Dosage of Pterostilbene


Spinach, beans, grape leaves, sweet potatoes and most importantly blue berries have been often termed as super foods. Now the question arises what exactly are these super foods? Research says that there is no specific class or category of such foods. Those foods that are extremely rich in any particular vitamins and minerals are termed as super foods. These nutritionally dense foods help in building immunity against diseases there by promoting healthier living. Fruits like blue berries today have garnered the special status of being a super food because of the presence of a special compound called pterostilbene. The chemical is known to be a powerful antioxidant that works by triggering the AMPK enzyme. The enzyme is known for its role in cellular energy production. The whole process of pterostilbene AMPK activation is known to have immense health benefits.

Before looking at the advantages or benefits it is important to understand what exactly is pterostilbene. Mainly found in grape leaves, peanuts and blue berries the chemical is known as a powerful antioxidant with anti aging properties that effects the AMPK enzymatic pathway. AMPK stands for 5′adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase. The enzyme found in every cell of the body helps regulate its growth. This enzymatic pathway has been known to decline with age there by resulting in a decrease in the ATP production. To combat these certain super foods containing chemicals like pterostilbene have proven to be quiet useful. There are many supplements as well as naturally occurring foods available today that help in pterostilbene AMPK activationthere by regulating the cell growth in our body. The other benefits of pterostilbene include maintaining a healthy blood sugar level. Studies suggest that those who regularly took pterostilbene rich supplements were found to have normal glucose levels. Pterostilbene is also known to enhance the brain cell health. This is because it improves the cognitive abilities of the brain.

Another very important benefit of pterostilbene rich supplements and superfoods is that it promotes longevity by attacking the cause at the source. They destroy the free radicals in the body there by preventing cellular degeneration. It is also down to improve vascular health and also contributes in regulating the loss of dopamine. The chemical compound found in naturally occurring substances does not have many side effects. But when consumed in the form of supplements there are a certain warnings that should be considered in terms of the ideal dosage pattern to be followed. Generally the dosage amount is determined by the body weight of the individual and other factors like the purpose for which they are being consumed. When pterostilbene supplements is taken in order enhance mood and relieve anxiety the recommended dosage for 150 lb person is 5.5 mg to 11 mg. If a person weighs around 200 lb then ideally 7.3 mg to 14 mg can be consumed and if body weight is about 250 lb then 9 mg to 18 mg is said to be sufficient. Another reason for consuming pterostilbene supplements is for lipids and glucose metabolism. The appropriate dosage for this is 215 to 430 mg for a person weighing 150 lbs, 290-580mg for 200 lb and 365 to 730 mg for a person with body weight 250 lb. If you wish to take pterostilbene there are two alternatives either one can consume superfoods like blue berries or go for supplements that contain the compound. When going for the second always ensure that you do a thorough research on the brand before buying.