Learn the natural ways to make your period shorter


Well, periods are one thing which can be bit difficult at times and show up when you least want them. No matter whether you have any occasion coming up or any vacation, it changes your big day plans at the same time. Most of you must have wished it to pause or end up either faster. Now you can do actually do it as per your needs and faster. There are some different methods and techniques to get it rightly done. It includes both natural and medicinal ways. To understand the same, you should also know that all of these methods are safe. You can make use of these natural ways to make your period shorter every month.

The ways to make periods shorter

Before jumping directly on the ways to cut your period short, you must also have some knowledge as how your period takes place. This is taught in some schools but by the passage of time, people forget the technologies of important elements. Basically, the menstrual phase is first phase of cycle and termed as it begins with first day of period. The phase gets ended on last day of period that lasts around typically for 5 days. The natural ways to make your period shorter are best and can do wonders for many. You can try all of them and you will actually get visible results.

Prediction of periods

Even if you complete manage for predicting the period as when they are bound to happen, sometimes they just change your plans. Many of the girls or ladies around start getting uncomfortable about the pain, the have mood swings and other issues, so they at least need some ways of making them cut short. The ways which can help are many but the most trusted and checked ones are as,

  • Exercise: exercise is one best method to make your periods short and as per your choice, you can do your exercises. The high impact or low impact, it doesn’t matters at all. The major thing is that your body should be moving and active.
  • Ditch tampons and switch to pads: one should stop using the tampons and switch to sanitary pads immediately as they allow the smoothly flow of blood and makes your period to get finished faster.
  • Sex: one can find this idea bit uncomfortable but doing sex during the period is one of the methods which is safe. It also greatly affects length of periods. For other cases, you can also try out the masturbating for achieving well uterine contractions
  • Drinking enough water: it is true fact that drinking enough of water every day helps in maintaining and improving the well-being and health. This even affects the menstrual cycle as well as period lengths. Try drinking at least 2 liters of water regularly for making the periods short.
  • Dark chocolate: eating dark chocolate can even help as they have antioxidants presence and which can assists in making periods shorter and even manage the cramps.