Types of brain disorders that everyone must know about


One of the magnificent and complex organ; the brain is basically the main and central organ of our body. It is also the main organ of our nervous system. All of our activities and movements depend on the brain and even what we feel is totally dependent on the brain. This complex organ makes us aware of the world and what to perform and how to perform in this world. One would very well understand the difference between a healthy brain and sick brain. Brain disorders can leave your life totally upside down. It can make you unable to do simple things and in this way leave your life shattered. There are various kinds of disorders and they are every different from each other and attacks the patient in different ways. So, it is important that everyone must know about the main deadly disorders of brain that can affect anyone at any time. It is important that everyone has the basic knowledge of brain disorders and their outcome like the Meningioma Surgery in India or Craniotomy can be painful as well. So it is better if everybody has a basic idea about the various kinds of brain disorders.

  • Alzheimer’s disease: This neurodegenerative disease is one of the worst that affects humanity. It slowly kills the person’s brain. It is the major cause of dementia. It interferes with one’s daily chores and life becomes a living hell as the patient starts suffering from short-term memory loss. As time passes the disease gets worse and other symptoms include mood swings, unable to simple daily chores, disorientation, behavioural issues, and speech problems. Gradually the body is unable to function at all and the person dies eventually. This fatal disease is said to be caused due to genetic reason and also because of hypertension, head injuries and depression. It is often mistaken with ageing as well, but if you see all these symptoms, then don’t forget to visit your doctor immediately. There is no treatment and medicines that can cure this deadly disease and eventually whatever is done it will lead to death only. In Alzheimer’s there is a loss of synapse and neurons of the brain.
  • Meningioma: Meningioma or meningeal tumour is a disorder that affects the brain and the spinal cord. It is a tumour that slowly grows and later affects the whole of the spinal cord and the brain. The symptoms also vary as it depends on where the tumour is growing up. At times there are no symptoms as well and that can be more deadly. Some of the visible symptoms are: seizures, dementia, vision problems, speech problems, bladder control problems, loss of memory and smell, headaches that increases with time, personality changes, and weakness on side of the body. So, if you notice these symptoms, then don’t forget to see your doctor immediately. Cost of meningioma treatment is comparatively cheaper in India so it is suggested that you go for your treatment in India where you will get the best treatment at a cheap price. Radiation and surgery are the main way to cure this although it is not possible to cure it fully.