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LifeWell M.D. is a health center located in Port Saint Lucie & Palm Beach Gardens in Florida. The patients receive holistic and integrative care with the best treatments like regenerative medicine. It provides drug-free treatments that restore the body’s natural balance for people whose traditional medicine fails to resolve the problem. The specialists here know that medical care differs from person to person; hence, they give their patients customized treatment plans that are designed to fit patients’ unique needs. At the health care facility, treatment is combined with holistic, traditional, and other alternative therapies. Most treatment plans must include medical acupuncture.

The practice offers a variety of aesthetic procedures, which include face tightening and CoolSculpting.

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As a person grows old, their skin becomes less firm due to the skins’ collagen breaking down. Collagen prevents the skin from sagging and drooping. The providers at the facility perform in-depth exams that help them to know the cause of the facial sagging before helping the patient to explore various new face tightening treatments. At their offices, the face tightening available treatments. Those treatments are all invasive, thus have a short recovery time.

To know the right treatment for their patients, the providers at the health center examine their patients’ skin and ask them their goals and any area of interest. The patients are then helped by the provider in choosing the correct treatment. Face treatment plans include:

  •       VI peels; it contains a blend of different ingredients that make a young-looking skin by reducing scarring, redness, and pigmentation. Skin clarity and texture also improve after its application.
  •       Ultherapy; a treatment that does a use of ultrasound energy to lift and make the skin tight on the face and neck. Ultherapy is approved by FDA and improves the skin through an invasive procedure.


It is also known as fat-freezing because it targets stubborn fat that does not respond to exercise or diet. CoolSculpting uses technology that freezes fat and destroys fat cells. The procedure is approved by the FDA and treats fat around areas such as the chin, thighs, buttocks, back, upper arm, and abdomen. People who undergo CoolSculpting are pleased with the result and recommend the practice to their friends. Treatment times vary depending on the target area-treating a small area, for example, under the chin, takes a shorter time compared to an area such as the abdomen or back. CoolSculpting results can vary since some different patients need several treatments to achieve the result they desire, but some only need one treatment to achieve their desire.

 Practitioners at the facility work with patients long-term to achieve all medical and aesthetic goals. People living with chronic pain are offered pain relief services. PRP boosts healing and delivers long term results. In some circumstances, medical marijuana is used to treat chronic pain or other conditions. Practitioners enjoy when their patients improve, recover, and thrive.