Coping With the Symptoms of Menopause

Symptoms of Menopause

Dealing with the symptoms of menopause can be devastating, considering the fact that it part of your aging process. It is not enough that you have to bear with the inevitable changes that nature may make to your body, now you also have to be psychologically prepared for it. The only way to embrace the change is by working with a Lafayette menopause specialist to help you navigate the best years of your life. But before you book your appointment with an OB/GYN specialist, find out how you can cope with the symptoms of menopause.

How to cope with menopause

For some women, menopause may come as early as the late thirties, while others may experience it in their 40s. Apart from having little-to-no menstrual periods, there are some symptoms that they might experience, symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings, excessive sweating, and other hormonal issues. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, consider the following tips to help you cope with the changes.

Be emotionally prepared

As you keep aging, your body may start to act up due to hormonal changes. How you embrace the impact of menopause largely depends on your personal history and life’s circumstances. It is perfectly normal for you to have a self-identity crisis that may make you lose your sense of femininity. The more you are mentally prepared for menopause, the better your chances of learning how to cope with the symptoms. If you start to have any menopausal symptoms, contact your doctor for assistance.

Anticipate physical changes

Some women may experience hot flashes, excessive sweating, mood swings, and loss of breath during menopause, while others may not experience any of these at all. If you are going through any of these, try to seek a doctor’s advice on what to take or what actions to take to get relief.

Try to get plenty of sleep

Menopausal symptoms may make it harder for you to sleep throughout the night. However, you can try changing your bedroom’s set up so that your mental state can prepare for it. For example, if you find yourself snoring, consider CPAP as long as your doctor recommends it.

Improve your sex life

It is common for women in menopause to experience vaginal dryness or pain during sex. But this does not mean they cannot continue to enjoy sex with their partners. Since the vaginal wall is thinning and estrogen levels keep dropping, remedies such as lubricants can help reduce vaginal dryness hence increasing more pleasure during sex. Alternatively, you can do kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles, thus improving sensation during sex.

Menopause is manageable if you prepare for it

While dealing with the symptoms of menopause is inevitable, it does not mean you should endure them. At Vibrant Women Health Center, Dr. Patricia Nevils and the team are ready to answer any questions that you may be having on the aspects of menopause other women’s health issues. To find out how they can help you, contact your OB/GYN at Vibrant Women Health Center.