Make The First Meeting With A Lawyer In Conyers, GA Beneficial For A Car Accident Case

Car Accident

Once you have made up your mind to hire an attorney after a car accident in Conyers, Georgia, you would probably be wondering how to go with the first meeting. Meeting an attorney to discuss is mainly to assess your case and then to ensure that you are comfortable if that person represents you in the court.

At the law offices of MG Law in Conyers, GA you will get the best auto accident attorneys who practice only injury law, which explains the reason why they are so devoted to all the matters related to personal injury laws, rules and regulations. Their dedication helps you in getting the best legal representation possible in Conyers. The attorneys from MG Law stop at nothing to get their clients the best possible results.

You can have a free consultation with the attorney over the phone or online. However, unless both of you sit and talk, your attorney will not be able to understand the circumstances surrounding your car accident.

Explain the facts of the accident

This is the very first step as it involves the damages you have to sustain. Once you have narrated the entire story in detail, you will have to answer a few questions:

  • If you’ve spoken about the accident with someone else including friends, family members, or anyone else involved in the car accident
  • If you’ve discussed anything with the insurance company about the car accident?
  • Your car and health insurance coverage
  • Witnesses to the car accident and their contact information


You will need to provide all relevant documents to the lawyer related to the car accident.

  • Medical bills
  • Car repair estimates and bills
  • Police reports
  • E-mails and letters from the insurance company
  • Photographs

Share all relevant information

  • Share everything with your attorney about the car accident in Conyers, GA.
  • Don’t hide anything or else when the truth comes out, it might destroy your case.
  • Don’t provide any incomplete information
  • Share even the minute details of the case

Choosing an attorney

Find an attorney in Conyers whom you can trust and is capable of representing your legal interests.

  • Check if the lawyer has enough experience in handling car accident cases
  • The trial experience of the attorney
  • If the attorney will handle the case independently or his associates will do most of the work
  • The legal fees of the lawyer and who will be paying for the litigation costs?

Make the most of your first meeting with the lawyer to ensure the person is the best fit for handling your case.