Men’s Prostate Health: What You Can Do To Avoid Prostate Cancer

Men’s Prostate Health

Do not let the subject scare you.  Though prostate cancer affects 1 in every 7 men, it is a highly treatable medical condition.  The survival rate of prostate cancer is more than 96 percent.  Men should begin screening for abnormalities in the prostate starting at age 50.

Early screening consists of a simple blood screening, but many men lack the knowledge to properly care for their prostate.  The main tool to fight against prostate cancer is knowledge.  Check out a few of the most effective ways to reduce your risk of developing prostate problems, and start arming your body today.

Eat more fruits and veggies

There are more than a few reasons why eating more fruits and vegetables is a great thing to add to your daily routine, but reducing your risk for prostate cancer is one of the most important reasons to eat more fruits and veggies.

In particular, try to eat more leafy green veggies.  Vegetables that are rich in antioxidants are the most helpful in promoting prostate health.  Broccoli, cauliflower, and brussel sprouts are also great for prostate wellness.

Eat foods that are high in selenium

Foods that are high in selenium are also good for the welfare of your prostate.  Wheat, tuna fish, herring, beef liver, and mushrooms are only a few examples of selenium rich edibles.

Scientists have not yet pinpointed exactly why selenium rich foods are more effective than others, but there have been signs supporting this theory.

Stay away from some foods

Keep the fatty meats to a minimum in your diet.  Fatty meats are unhealthy for your prostate and your heart.  Well-done red meat also contains several cancer-causing compounds, and the longer the meat is exposed to heat, the more carcinogenic compounds are present.

Simple carbs present in sugary candies and sodas are also harmful to your prostate health.  Starchy foods like white breads and rice are bad for causing inflammation in the body, and thus, are not good for a man’s prostate health.

Have regular sexual release

Engaging in regular sexual activity is not only fun and exciting for men, but a regular release of semen has been proven effective in reducing the risk of prostate cancer.  Regular ejaculation cleans out any cancer-causing compounds that can build up in the prostate over time.

Visit your doctor’s office regularly

Finally, you should keep regular office appointments with your doctor.  Your doctor knows what to watch, and he/she knows how to properly screen for signs of prostate cancer.

It is also beneficial to take a thorough inventory of your family’s medical history.  If the men in your family are particularly susceptible to developing prostate cancer, you may need more specific treatment for prevention.