Artvigil—The Best Cure To Sleepiness


Artvigil is a generic brand of armodafinil manufactured by HAD Pharmaceutical Ltd. Armodafinil is a newer enantiopure form of modafinil, a pill for people suffering from excessive sleepiness caused by apnea and shift work disorder. You can buy armodafinil online at online pharmacy stores and get it delivered to your doorstep.


Armodafinil is a newer enantiopure form of modafinil containing R modafinil. You might as well know that modafinil molecule comprises of the R and S modafinil. And as far as promoting wakefulness is concerned, R is the most active modafinil.

This makes armodafinil stronger than modafinil because armodafinil is made up of R modafinil. Although, some users feel comfortable with modafinil stating that it is more effective for them. Modafinil may be able to start off stronger, but armodafinil still provide more intense effect in the long haul.

Aside that, one will need a 200mg of modafinil to attain the peak effect, but with 150mg of armodafinil, one will still experience the same effect. To prove that, you might need to try both product.


Artvigil is currently the most popular generic form of armodafinil among armodafinil tablets. Returning thousands of customers have been testifying about its potency and effectiveness. From user’s feedback, it is believed the effect of artvigil starts two hours after ingestion and its peck effect range from 6 to 8 hours depending on the individual.

Artvigil is a generic version of Nuvigil by Cephalon Inc. but artvigil only contains 150mg of armodafinil and it is 10% lesser than Nuvigil in cost.

The only generic form of armodafinil surpassing artvigil is Waklert by Sun Pharmaceutical. They are both difference in price, quality and to some extent, effects. The only thing that is exactly the same is the 150mg of armodafinil ingredients in both drugs.

Waklert comes from Sun Pharmaceutical and artvigil is from HAB Pharmaceutical Ltd. These two manufacturers use different composition and filters in the manufacturing of their drugs. This is why the effect of armodafinil from both drugs is different for different people.

Additionally, waklert is more preferable to some people because of it smoothness while others feel artvigil is the best because of its wired peak effect and affordability compare with waklert. There are many online provigil prescription about artvigil that you can find in many online pharmacy stores.


Artvigil is packaged in aluminum blisters strip with each strip containing 10 tablets. It is packed in a way that each tablet can be easily separated from the strip without affecting other tablets.


For first time users, it is recommended that you take 75mg per day. This dosage is enough to give you the armodafinil effects. You might have to stick with it for a longer time until you stop feeling the peak effect of the drug.

Regular users can go for the 150mg to enjoy the armodafinil experience. It is not recommended to take more than 250mg of armodafinil a day.


You can order for the product by purchasing with your credit card and you will get it shipped to you within 24 hours of confirming your payment. The order should be able to get you between 7 to 14 days.