Must-Have Facts on Stenting

Facts on Stenting

Do you experience arterial problems? Most people suffer from artery blockages without realizing it until too late. Stenting helps people experiencing arterial problems by unlocking the artery and restoring normal blood flow. If you seek efficient Riverside stenting services, contact Dr. Syed Bokhari and his team. The doctors thrive in delivering cutting-edge stenting procedures to minimize your risk of developing complications due to arterial problems at Advanced Cardiovascular Care. Schedule your appointment today online or via a phone call.

What is Angioplasty?

Also known as balloon angioplasty, it is a treatment that helps to restore normal blood flow through a narrow or blocked artery. When conducting this procedure, Dr. Bokhari threads a thin tube through a blood vessel, starting in your arm or groin. After the tube is in position, he inflates the attached balloon, pushing the plaque outward. This move widens the artery, creating a way for blood to flow through.

What is Stenting?

Stenting offers an alternative minimally invasive treatment for individuals who have blockages in arteries and are unfit for open-heart surgery. In this treatment, a stent is placed in an artery after balloon angioplasty to prevent the artery from re-closing. Occasionally, the stent contains medications to stave off closing.

Reasons for Stenting

Stents are typically applied when your arteries get clogged or narrow. They are viable for the treatment of multiple conditions connected to blood vessel damage, including:

  •       Coronary heart disease
  •       Renal artery stenosis
  •       Carotid artery disease
  •       Renal artery stenosis
  •       Peripheral artery disease

What Materials are Stents Made From?

Stents are made from a variety of materials including plastic mesh-like material or metal. Stent-grafts, used in larger arteries, are made of fabric.

What is Carotid Angiography?

Experts such as Dr. Bokhari use carotid angiography to identify plaque buildup in the neck or arteries. Carotid arteries supply oxygen-rich blood to the brain. In this procedure, your provider inserts a catheter into your artery, usually in the groin area. This lets Dr. Bokhari monitor blood flow in your arteries using an X-ray screen.

Although commonly classified as an invasive procedure, few people experience discomfort with this process. You can resume your daily activities after a short recovery period. You may witness temporary side effects such as flushing or unpleasant taste.

Other Services

Besides stenting, you can also contact the specialists at Advanced Cardiovascular Care to enjoy quality treatments such as:

  •       Varicose veins
  •       Adult cardiology care
  •       Non-invasive vascular imaging
  •       Stress testing


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Bottom Line

Artery conditions make you vulnerable to multiple severe health conditions. Therefore, it is imperative to seek treatment if you suspect arterial complications. Luckily, stenting can help with your situation and revitalize your health. If you are in Virginia and considering stenting, contact Dr. Syed Bokhari of Advanced Cardiovascular Care to have your needs met by an outstanding professional. Ready to reclaim your life? Call the offices or schedule conveniently using the online scheduler today.