Pros and Cons of Bikini Waxing


Both men and women have unwanted hairs on their bodies. The desire to have a clean look has increased the popularity of waxing all over the world. More and more women are getting into bikini waxing as a way of enhancing their beauty. Waxing around the bikini area has been around for several centuries even though the practice is becoming trendier.

There are technically four types of bikini waxing which include the traditional, Brazilian, playboy, and full bikini waxing. Traditional bikini wax removes any hair that lies on the outer section of your panty line. The Brazilian technique will leave a hair line above your vagina. You also don’t remove the hair from your labia when doing this waxing. The term playboy waxing traces its origin from the sensual magazine that is referred to as ‘Playboy.’ Like the Brazilian style, you leave a vertical stripe in the front section but you remove all the hair from the butt and labia. In the full bikini wax, you remove all the hair that lies in that region. Waxing professionals’ advice that you start with traditional waxing in the early states before gradually moving to the other techniques. You can get any of these styles from

Doing a regular bikini wax entails applying wax to the whole area around your Biking line. You press a strip of cloth on the top and then rip it off towards the direction towards which hair is growing. The Brazilian technique pays attention to the genital region and entails removing unwanted hair from the areas that surround the perineum, anus, and vagina. However, a vertical stripe (landing strip) of a width of two to three fingers remains behind.

A therapist may have to trip your pubic hair to a length of approximately a quarter an inch before he begins the process of waxing. He will always cover the whole genital region using talcum powder. He then applies hot oil and removes the unwanted hair by stripping off the piece of cloth that he had pressed earlier on the upper section of the oil. Like the Bikini wax, you have to pull off the hair against the direction of growth. The approach that some beauty experts use is slightly different. Some use the hot wax in the place of a strip of cloth. The expert shrink wraps the wax as it cools before pulling them from the roots. He can then use a pair of tweezers to remove any leftover hair after waxing. The expert then applies a soothing lotion after removing all the hair.

Most women love bikini wax because of the liberation it brings their way. You will be able to wear revealing lingerie and skimpy bikinis without any form of apprehension. Also, the smooth, shiny, and clean look you get will give you a more satisfying and erotic sexual life.

The only disadvantage of bikini waxing is the embarrassment of being naked in front of a stranger.  You may be forced to stay in some awkward positions more so if you are doing a Brazilian Bikini wax. However, beauty therapists are like doctors and they view it as a routine job. The other element that troubles most people is the pain that is associated with this process. You will definitely feel some pain because you are removing hair from a very sensitive area. However, this pain is not as severe as you may think and the process becomes less painful with the progressive sessions.

Despite these disadvantages, most people find the advantages of bikini waxing to be more luring. Each person longs for a sexy and fresh feeling. The embarrassment or pain appears to be a small price you have to pay for the clean, sensual, and bald look.