Why Implants Are Superior To Dentures


When people have several missing teeth, a choice has to be made about what is going to serve as a replacement. Dentures have been superseded by implants as the best option.

Dentures have several drawbacks that make them inferior to the implants. Why should implants be chosen?

They Do Not Have To Be Taken Out At Night

Well-made dental implants in Parramatta stay in the mouth and do not need to be taken out at night before bedtime.

  • The fact that the implants always remain in place makes them much more convenient than dentures.

They Are More Comfortable Than Dentures

Think about how uncomfortable dentures are when they slide around or do not fit properly. Discomfort is not something that people with implants have to put up with because the teeth are firmly in place with a screw inside them.

  • Put the dentures away because there is no need more them anymore.

They Look More Natural Than Dentures

Dentures do not look very natural, which is a complete contrast to the implants that can be installed. Dental surgeons work painstakingly to make sure that the fake new tooth looks completely natural.

  • Get rid of the old dentures because these are not going to be needed anymore.

They Are Much More Durable Than Dentures

Dentures are frail and they often become cracked if they are dropped on the floor or the wearer bangs their teeth. Damage does not occur with implants because they are made out of stronger material and they cannot fall out at all. This is one of the main selling points of the implants.

  • Dentures will not be needed once the implants are in place.

They Are Not Going To Slide Around At All

Dentures that slide around on the gums should be removed because they are causing discomfort. Implants are always fixed in place, so there is absolutely no sensation of them sliding around. This makes the wearers much happier than when they had some dentures.

  • Once the implants are in place, get rid of the old dentures.

Implants Prevent Gum Disease

Gums do not react well to dentures and they can be irritated by them.

  • Instead, implants are better for the gums in the long term.

They Do Not Need To Be Replaced

Implants do not need to be replaced at all because of the fact they are fixed on screws.

  • This is one of the main reasons why people have this procedure performed in the first place.

Who Are The Implants Suitable For?

  • Elderly people who have started to notice that their teeth are falling out.
  • Sportspeople who have lost the teeth during a boxing match or a football match.
  • Young people can have replacement teeth when their adult teeth have become rotten.

Simple Ways To Take Care Of The Replacement Teeth

Take care of the replacement teeth by brushing them gently and flossing in the gaps. They will remain in perfect condition and can make anyone’s smile shine brilliantly.