Recovery from drug addiction by 12 steps program


Drug addiction is becoming the major concern in today’s world. People start taking drug due to their peer pressure, to experience the thrill, to overcome the issues in their life. Although after a certain period of time they become addicted to it. Drug addiction can spoil someone’s life if not treated within the time. One can lose his job, may suffer from mental and behavioral issues. He may also experience family and social issues and serious legal troubles and lose his self-confidence to stand in the society and face people.

There are many Rehab centers as well as programs that are developed to help the drug. One of these programs is a 12 step program. The first 12 step program was established in the 1930’s by alcoholics anonymous, since then it has gained a lot of popularity and proved to be one of the most helpful sources for drug addicts.It is basically a program run by a group of people. If you stay in Tucson, Arizona you can find various Tucson Rehab Center Facilities for drug addiction treatment

They organize meetings with patients, people here create new bonds and share the experiences which in turn give them strength and help them to get rid of the addiction.


Table of Contents

 The 12 steps of Program include:-

1) Admit powerlessness over addiction.

2) Believe that they have higher power to recover.

3) Decide to turnover will and our lives to the care of God.

4) Make a personal moral inventory.

5) Admitted to God, to ourselves and to another human being the exact nature of a wrong.

6) Allow God to repair personal defects.

7) Ask God’s forgiveness.

8) Make a list of those harmed by your alcoholism.

9) Make direct amends to such people.

10) Take the personal inventory and admit it when wrong.

11) Pray and meditate for an ability to recover from drug addiction

12) Help others in need to go through the same process.

The 12 step programs help people to change their mindset and behavioral pattern so that they come out of the web of addiction. It is also beneficial in not getting a relapse to drug addiction which many patients suffer.