Seeking Treatment for Substance Abuse


Although almost 23 million people in the United States suffer from drug abuse only 10% of these people actually seek treatment for their substance abuse issue. Substance abuse has caused many people to lose everything they had going on in their lives. Suffers have lost their children, homes, jobs and have become financially destroyed due to their use, while there are at least 100 people that die from drug overdoses everyday due to hardships, drug use and illnesses that are associated with their addiction.

Addiction is a disease that progresses over time and ruining lives and there are many avenues to treat the abuse, so why aren’t people actually seeking help? Individuals suffering from abuse sometimes believe that have their substance abuse under control, knew they needed it and didn’t make the effort to do so or they just believed they were too far gone to get the treatment. Even with all the wreckage that’s happening in their lives many people believe they don’t need the help.

Detoxing is the first step to beginning a life away from addiction and there are many places that can help you start the process. If you or someone you know would like to seek treatment, You can search online for any “drug detoxification everett wa center in your area. Withdraws can be scary but when committing to the center and completely the detox those are steps in the right direction.

Drug Detox rid the body of any traces of drugs and alcohol through the digestive system. After the detox process the patient will feel restored psychologically and physically but during the detox there are some uncomfortable effects that come with withdrawal. Some of the symptoms of detoxing include risk of seizures, hallucinations, convulsions and confusion to name a few. Keep in mind detoxing isn’t the treatment but is a process to begin recovery and that there are many different ways to detox and you can even detox in your home.

Home detoxing kits can be bought out of pocket in drug stores, health food stores and online. These kits are mainly used by people trying to rid their bodies of marijuana, they contain different herbs, vitamins and minerals that help flush the drugs out of your system. Another outpatient detox option includes patients online seeing the doctor during business hours and taking detoxing medications under supervision. This option is great for people who can keep appointments and adhere to the program requirements.

Holistic detox programs use a number of different therapies, medical approaches to detox the mind, spirit and body. These programs offer spiritual support, counseling, massage, acupuncture and yoga as well as herbal remedies too. There are inpatient programs that can help the patient in the detoxing process as well. In this program the patient is under 24-hour surveillance while detoxing. The patients stay in the center and if they wish to after the detox, they can become a resident at the facility.