A Guide to Buying Hair Growth Shampoo


There is nothing more attractive than strong vibrant hair. When we’re young, we tend to have long healthy hair that seems like it’ll stay that way forever. Unfortunately, as we get older, our hair begins to fall out. Some people will experience hair loss at a faster rate than others. While some men experience male pattern baldness, most men and women will begin to notice hair strands coming off their head after washing or brushing their hair. What you might not realize is this may be attributed to the shampoo that you’re using.

Nobody ever thinks about the ingredients and chemicals that are in their shampoos until they cause negative side effects. A lot of name brand shampoos may smell great, but the nasty chemicals in them can cause skin diseases and dry scalp conditions. Once you have those conditions, you can expect your hair to fall out more quickly. Therefore, you need to shop for the right shampoo which has all-natural ingredients that won’t promote hair loss. Instead, they’ll promote hair growth!

Check the Ingredients

Like previously mentioned, the ingredients are everything when buying hair growth shampoo. Don’t trust the advertising on the front of the shampoo bottle because it can be deceptive. You might see the words “contains natural ingredients” on the front, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t chemical ingredients in the mix too. For example, if the list of ingredients on the back of the bottle shows there are any sulfates in the solution like sodium lauryl sulfate, then stay away from it. Sodium lauryl sulfate will actually drain your scalp of its natural moisturizing oils, which will leave you with a dry scalp of missing hair.

Checking ingredients on a shampoo bottle is just like checking the ingredients on your food. You want it to have “all-natural ingredients” with no chemicals or additives. This means the shampoo needs to have natural vitamins and oils which promote hair growth in the scalp and help keep it moisturized. One particular B-vitamin to look for is biotin. This has the ability to increase the strength of the hair that is already thinning. As for moisturizers, there is a plant oil called Argan oil which will nourish the hair follicles on your scalp and help the hair grow faster.

Hair Growth Shampoo Recommendation

If you need to be pointed in the right direction when shopping for good hair growth shampoo, try Art Naturals Organic Argan Oil Hair Loss Shampoo. Not only does it have all-natural ingredients, but the Argan oil comes from a plant that was organically grown. This ensures there were no pesticides or chemical sprays used on the plants before they were harvested. As a result, your skin will be 100% protected from any ingredients or compounds that would irritate it.