Shopping list during the third trimester of pregnancy


The third trimester of pregnancy is a time where you are eagerly waiting for the baby to arrive. It is an obvious fact that pregnancy shopping list first trimester would have set the ball rolling. The third trimester shopping list needs a lot of planning at your end. As part of the necessary activities you are supposed to.

A track of your baby’s movements

Pay attention to movements, turns or twists of your baby and if any disconnect exists get in touch with your doctor at the earliest. This is when you are noticing less movement and this could point to a problem. It means further round of testing is called for. The health care provider will guide you on how to count kicks of your baby and that too at a specified time of the day.

Be aware of prenatal visits to the doctor

A check-up is due between 28 weeks to 36 weeks of pregnancy and then it becomes once a week till you deliver. Till the point both you and the health care provider are aware of each other, you can avail pregnancy tests, pending discussions about birth and late pregnancy tests.

Explore option of classes

Not only about childbirth class would you also want to explore classes on breastfeeding, baby care or even infant care. Most of the health care providers provide you with such classes and ask your health care provider for a recommendation.

Plan for breastfeeding

If a thought of breastfeeding strikes you be aware of what all possible information you can gather. In order to familiarize yourself take to mothers who have been part of this procedure. More you become aware benefits of nursing better position you are likely to find yourself.

For you baby choosing a doctor

Take reference from your near or dear ones about the choice of a doctor. Keep in mind that the doctor accepts health insurance and operates on a time that is convenient for you. Just take into consideration that the baby is going to have their first prenatal visit once the baby is born.

Big decisions

Before arrival of a baby a lot of big decisions come into foray. Who is going to take care of the baby, or are you going to do it full time or part time. Is it possible to have a religious birth ceremony once the baby is born? What would you be doing with the blood cord of your baby? These are some important decisions that you might have to take before the baby is born.

The baby gear

This presents a perfect time to avail services of a friend who can help you. Baby gear, cradles or toys are some of the things at the back of your mind. Electrical devices you are going to need at this point of time. So keep these things hand so that you are not looking for last minute help.

In addition you need to locate a place where your baby can sleep peacefully.