Top Ways To Prevent Varicose Veins


The scope of varicose veins issue is usually limited to unpleasant sight. There are millions of people suffering from this problem but only few experience severity of it. Treatment of varicose veins is basically a cosmetic one. But it can take a serious turn any moment and can give rise to the menace of deep vein thrombosis and other vein related complications.

Patients can find centres like varicose veins treatment London that deliver non-surgical yet effective treatment at competitive prices. However, it is always the best to find out the ways of preventions before searching out for the cure. Therefore, this piece of writing will elucidate on the ways by which you can keep this issue at bay in the first place.

Daily exercises

Exercise is the key to fight off this hazard. Stretching poses which entail bringing of your feet at a higher position than the heart can help significantly to check vein problems. These exercises are popularly known as inversions and include shoulder stand and headstand. If your physical fragility does not let you try out these difficult positions, you can simply walk and tone your body veins for their proper functioning.

Avoid stagnation in postures

Sitting or standing at a stretch severely compromises the blood transportation to the lower part of your body which in turn causes swelling in the veins. In order to facilitate healthy blood circulation in your body, you must avoid posture stagnation. If you are sitting for a long time, then try some quick exercises like knee bending, ankle stretching and feet peddling. Although these warm-ups may sound trivial, but they play an important role in controlling varicose veins symptoms. In case you notice a slight rise in veins, then contact varicose veins treatment London for immediate mitigation.

Healthy diet

Not many might know but obese people are more vulnerable to developing this problem since excess fats exert pressure on veins. Thus, adopting a healthy lifestyle is paramount in vein issues prevention. One must avoid carbohydrate-rich foods and consume more high fibre and healthy fats. Moreover, proper intake of water is crucial to upholding adequate body hydration thereby maintaining proper blood circulation in the body.

Wearing compression stockings

Putting on compression stocking and socks can help substantially in preventing vein swelling, pain and other discomforts. With regular wearing of the compression hosiery, you experience proper functioning of veins by maintaining appropriate postures of legs. Since these supportive compressions are available in different fitting options; you might want to consult a physician to decide which compression option will be right for you.

There are several risk factors that can make you more susceptible to acquire this issue, and the hereditary factor is one of them. Thus, one must practice the prevention tips with utter diligence for living a healthy life.