Signs You Need to See Your Periodontist in Ontario


Periodontal disease may also be known as gum disease. There are a lot of people who are affected by gum diseases every year. How sure are you that you are not one of them? People sometimes only know that they are suffering from gum diseases once they start experiencing some pain and bleeding. Some only realize it after they have lost their teeth. During the early stage of gum disease, they show little to no symptoms. This explains why people normally overlook the symptoms that they experience if there is any.

If in case you are wondering how gum disease starts, it is caused by the appearance of bacteria in the gums and teeth. The bacteria can multiply in the mouth and ultimately, cause some issues in the long run. There are a lot of cases wherein the teeth start to pull away from the gums so more of the teeth become exposed to further germs and tartar. As the gum disease progresses, it can start leading to the loss of teeth. There are some signs that you need to be familiar with so you will know if you should start seeing a periodontist in Ontario at the soonest possible time.

There are some changes with how your gums look like and how your gums are. For example, if your gums tend to bleed or become swollen, this may be a sign that you are experiencing periodontal disease.

You tend to have an unpleasant taste in the mouth that does not seem to go away.

Your breath has started to smell bad even after you have already brushed your teeth. Remember that you can tell if you have a lot of bacteria in your mouth based on how sour or unpleasant your mouth tastes like.

You are starting to feel like your teeth are a bit loose. This may be a sign that your teeth are shifting a bit.

There is some pain whenever you eat. This is particularly normal if your teeth are not that strong anymore because their foundation (the gums) is starting to have some issues.

The roots of your teeth may be starting to feel exposed. You will know if your roots are starting to show if your teeth are more sensitive to different temperatures. Try to observe your teeth whenever you drink something hot or cold. Do your teeth react easily? If yes, this may be a sign that you need to find a periodontist in Ontario

If you smoke or you have smoked in the past, the effects of smoking will still be evident through your teeth and gums. Whenever you smoke, your teeth and gums get affected because they do not get enough oxygen. They may also be hindered from getting nutrients. The periodontist may have to do some deep cleaning so that your teeth and gums can start getting what they need.

There are other family members who have experienced gum disease in the past. Aside from the regular Great Gums symptoms, it is important that you realize that gum disease can be hereditary. The more people from your family who have suffered from gum disease, the more likely you are going to develop the condition as well.

Knowing these signs will prompt you to find a local periodontist Ontario at the soonest possible time.